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There are many cat loving people like you who want to find a healthy pure breed Maine Coon Cat near you but are not able to connect with good ethical Maine Coon Cat breeders and reliable online platforms. At, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing healthy, happy Maine Coon Kittens to the best homes in India.

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Why Buy Maine Coon Cat Online from MyKitten


  • Health Assurance – At MyKitten, our aim is to find you a pure breed Maine Coon Kitten – as we have all colours like – Brown Tabby, Grey Tabby, Bi colours, Golden etc You name it and we have it !
  • Our team ensures that the kitten is Healthy, Dewormed, Vaccinated, Litter Trained and of Heavy Bone.
  • We home deliver all kittens across India to our clients only after a mandatory health checkup is done from a registered vet.
  • All our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale are home delivered along with their Health and Breed Certificate and a FREE MINI STARTER KIT.
  • Guaranteed Disease Free and born from PKD Negative parents with a good lineage history.
  • Professional Support: Our team of professionals is always available to address any questions you may have about the breed, care, and training of your new kitten.
  • 100% Cage Free.
  • 9000+ Happy Cat Parents including Celebrities.
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The Maine Coon is like a dog in a cat's body.
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How to find your Maine Coon Kitten for Sale from Mykitten ?

  • Simply Contact Team MyKitten via our contact form , phone number or whatsapp.
  • Our volunteer will keep in constant touch with you to answer all your questions regarding your new kitten and will share all available Maine Coon Kittens from Certified Maine Coon Cat Breeders across India which need to be rehomed.
  • Select which kitten you wish to buy.
  • Book the kitten of your dreams with us.
  • Sit back , Relax and wait for your furry friend to arrive at your doorstep.

Before bringing home a Maine Coon kitten, take the time to get to know them and assess their personality to ensure they are the right fit for you and your home.

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Know More About Maine Coon- Before you Buy a Maine Coon Cat Online




Maine Coon Kittens are available in a range of colors. Among these hues, the most common ones are brown tabby, grey tabby and ginger  tiger-striped.

CoatMaine Coon breed is gifted with unique fur coats. They are blessed with long wooly and triple coated fur on their body which makes them look royal and majestic.

These kittens are available in two types in India which are :

  1. Indian Standard Maine Coons.
  2. Import breed quality Maine Coons .

Female: 12-16 inches & Male: 14-18 inches

WeightBeing the large-sized breed among domestic cats, Maine Coon males weigh somewhere between 7.9 to 10 kg  whereas females weigh from 4.6 to 6.4 kg.
Distinct FeatureMost distinct feature is their ear tuffs. They have a prominent ruff at the chest, tough bone structure and rectangular shape. They have broad chests and medium sized legs.  These long coated cats have medium-length legs and well tufted feet . Also, their heavy coat is comparatively longer on the stomach and britches that make them different from other pet cats.
VaccinationsThe first vaccination which is given to Maine Coon cat is which consists of  Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Rabies. When you buy a Maine Coon cat online from us you will get a fully vaccinated kitten.
ActivityThe Maine Coon cats love playing fetch game and show interest in learning to walk with a leash. This playful nature makes them perfect for taking out frequently and would love be a company to a feline cat. We provide a health guarantee and certification with each kitten, ensuring that you receive a healthy and well-bred cat.
TemperamentMaine Coon cats are very docile and loving towards their owners and With low demand for attention, these kitties are curious in nature and would follow you while you carry out your daily chores.
FoodWe suggest giving your Maine Coon cats a wide range of both home cooked and packaged foods for the fulfillment of their nutritional value so that they be in their best shape throughout their life and also don’t get bored of the same food being offered to them everyday. Their food should consist of chicken, fish, eggs and packaged wet and dry food available under many brands specially made for Maine Coons. When you buy a Maine Coon kitten for sale from Mykitten our pet professionals give you an entire diet specially curated for your kitten.
FunfactFeline named Corduroy holds the Guiness World Record for being the world’s oldest living cat is actually a half Maine Coon breed. Curduroy has a lifespan of 26 years which is quite a long span in comparison to others.
ToysThese playful kitties love climbing on cat trees. Maine coon cats are very intelligent and want you come up with new ideas and toys to keep them busy. The best toy for Maine Coon is a cat wand or a cat dancer. A cat ball and cat tunnel is a highly recommended toys for Maine Coon breed.

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Growth Timeline of Maine Coon Cats-

Generally cats grow to their maximum size by the age of 1-1.5 years . Whereas Maine Coon is a such a breed which grows till the age of 3-5 years to reach at their full size. Males can weigh between 9-12kgs, while females are usually slightly smaller and weigh between 8-10 kgs. This unique growth pattern sets Maine Coon cats apart from other breeds.

Living Conditions for Maine Coon Cats in India

Yes, studies show Maine Coon cats can easily survive in India. However, due to the extreme weather conditions in most parts of the country, it is important to keep them cool and hydrated, especially during the summers. They should also be kept indoors or in shaded outdoor areas to prevent any kind of heat stroke and sunburn.

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Indoor Adaptability of Maine Coon Cats

Yes, Maine Coon cats can be indoor cats. They are known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them great companions for indoor living. Inspite of being such a huge breed they can easily adjust in small flats and households .

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Temperament and Behavior of Maine Coon Cats

No, Maine Coon cats are not dangerous or aggressive at all. Infact they are known for their docile and affectionate behavior and are one of the most loyal cat breeds. these giant looking cats love being around their pet parents and children in the house.

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Pricing and Considerations for Maine Coon Cats for Sale in India

Cost of buying a Maine Coon cat in India depending on the breeder and quality of the breed. At MyKitten, we offer a wide range of Maine Coon kittens for sale at best prices. The kittens that we have are from reputed and professional home breeders who raise their kittens with a lot of love and care. The price ranges from INR 30,000- 50,000. Our Maine Coon kittens are vaccinated, dewormed, and come with a health certificate from a registered vet. Although these cats may be more expensive compared to other breeds, it’s vital to keep in mind that quality comes at a price. It is very important to do a brief research and go for a breeder who follows ethical breeding methods and ensures proper care and disease free kittens.

Historical Roots of Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon cat breed is believed to have originated in North America, specifically in the state of Maine. Today, the Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds in the World and is getting very popular in India.  These cats are the descendants of French cats sent by Marie Antoinette to Maine.


Personality Traits of Maine Coon Cats

This breed of cats loves to stay with kids and prove to be an excellent choice of pet for children. With their medium-sized legs and furry coat, Maine coon cat loves to learn to walk by the leash.

You may find them curled up in strange corners of the house if you give them a chance to climb up and do the hunting, you might notice their love for outdoor activities. These kittens easily get along with everyone even dogs and cats. The kitten loves playing with toys and fetch stuff. They like observing birds from the window.

They can communicate with more than one sound and can call you with different types of purrs and meows. When they want to show love, they just give a head butt to express how special you mean to them.

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Dietary Needs of Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats require a high-quality and wide variety of diet to maintain their health and huge body. They also need plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated. You can feed your Maine Coon cat a combination of dry and wet food, or a raw food diet. They should be fed with a wide variety of diet which consists of fish , chicken, beef ,liver and packaged wet and dry food which is available in the market under a lot of brands. It’s important to avoid overfeeding your cat, cats can turn lazy when they overeat. 

It’s also crucial to ensure that your kitten has access to plenty of toys, and ample playtime. Regular visits to the vet and keeping up with their vaccinations are necessary to keep your kitten happy and healthy.It is suggested to avoid feeding them human food, as some common foods can be harmful to Mainecoons.

Grooming Tips for Maine Coon Cats

These furry cats have a heavy, double coat with a silk touch and warm padding which is useful in the winter season.

They need dry brush grooming twice a week- this will help you in bonding with your cat as well. Bath can be done once every 1-2 months.

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How to Purchase a Maine Coon Kitten from MyKitten

We at Mykitten give you the best experience in buying a pure breed Maine Coon kitten. You can directly call or whatsapp us from our website or you can also send a  query on our email id. Our team of professionals get in touch with you the same day and will suggest you the best breed possible according to your requirements. We deliver disease free kittens at your doorstep with all the required paperwork in 2-5 days. .

We work with best CERTIFIED Maine Coon cat breeders near you in India. Our Maine Coon kittens for sale are vet-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed before they are sold. We ensure that each kitten is healthy and ready to join their new family.

We want to make the process of getting your new kitten as stress-free as possible.

When searching for a Maine coon kitten, it’s vital to identify a trustworthy breeder. The breeder should provide you with information about the kitten’s ancestry, health records, and any necessary vaccinations. They should also be open to addressing any queries you may have regarding the breed and the kitten.

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