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They are friendly cats known for easy adapting and friendly nature. 


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Maine Coon cat breeds have proven to be the most domesticated cat breed. Their unique appearance and sharp hunting skills make them an eye-candy for the cat breeders. These oldest breeds North America are distinctively bigger in size and have been recorded as world’s largest house cats.

These kittens have got a lot more than their size. These kitties are not at all needy but reassure you with ample affection and that is what makes them the most adaptable ones. You can use their great hunting instincts when you require a good mouser. Also, these cats easily adjust with multiple cats and ensure harmonious environment.

These big, beautiful kitties are affable and good-natured and adapt well with any home and lifestyle. They love being surrounded with people and have a habit of following them. This breed of cats likes to grab attention and may observe you while you are busy with some chore.

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ColorThese soft pets are available in a range of colours. Among these hues, the most common ones are brown tabby and tiger-striped. But breeders and pet owners nowadays prefer reds, chocolates, fawn and almost every colour that a cat can come in. With patterns such as tortoiseshell and calico, Maine Coon breed is gifted with unique coats.
CoatThese soft pets are available in a range of colours. Among these hues, the most common ones are brown tabby and tiger-striped. But breeders and pet owners nowadays prefer reds, chocolates, fawn and almost every colour that a cat can come in. With patterns such as tortoiseshell and calico, Maine Coon breed is gifted with unique coats.
TypesThe sociable animals are also known as “the gentle giant”. They have a prominent ruff at the chest, tough bone structure and rectangular shape. They have broad chests and medium sized legs. Their double coat is long and flowy and complements the shaggy belly. At Mykitten we provide best quality Maine coon kitten for sale.
Height Female: 12-16 inches & Male: 14-18 inches
WeightBeing the large-sized breed among domestic cats, Maine Coons weigh 13 to 18 pound (5.9 to 8.2 kg) whereas females weigh from 8 to 12 pounds (3.6 to 5.4 kg).
Distinct FeatureThese long coated cats have medium-length legs and well tufted feet that act as snowshoes in winter. Also, their heavy coat is comparatively longer on the stomach and britches that make them different from other pet cats.
VaccinationsMaine Coon kitties are affected by viral and bacterial infections such as panleukopenia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, and rabies. But these infections can be prevented by Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Rabies. Once you buy a maine coon cat online from us you will get a fully vaccinated kitten.
ActivityThe Maine Coon cats love playing fetch game and show interest in learning to walk with a leash. This playful nature makes them perfect for taking out frequently and would love be a company to a feline cat.
TempramentWith low demand for attention, these kitties are curious in nature and would follow you while you carry out your daily chores. These non-aggressive animals easily get along with everyone.
FoodSome of the best and recommended cat food for Maine Con are Nature’s Variety Instinct Rabbit Flavored (Wet), The Honest Kitchen Prowl (Dehydrated), Wellness CORE Grain-Free Indoor Cat Food, Addiction Herbed Duck Confit Cat Food (Canned).
FunfactFeline named Corduroy holds the Guiness World Record for being the world’s oldest living cat is actually ahalf Maine Coon breed. Curduroy has a lifespan of 26 years which is quite a long span in comparison to others.
ToysThese playful kitties get easily bored with a same toy every day. Maine coon cats are very intelligent and want you come up with new ideas and toys to keep them busy. The best toy for Maine Coon is a cat want or a cat dancer. A cat ball and cat tunnel is a highly recommended toys for Maine Coon breed.

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Despite a number of myths about the origin of these pets, it is believed that this breed is the result of the crossbreed of a cat and a raccoon which is biologically impossible. These fancy-looking cats are the descendants of French cats sent by Marie Antoinette to Maine. We have the best quality main coon kitten for sale available.

Actually, these kitties came from the meet-ups held between shorthaired domestic cats in the city and the longhaired foreign cats brought as souvenirs by the sailors of New England. The Maine Coon cats are assumed as household and farm-friendly cats and are popular as mouser cats.

This breed of cats loves to stay with kids and prove to be an excellent choice of pet for children. With their medium-sized legs and furry coat, Maine coon cat loves to take a stroll and to learn to walk by the leash. Contact us if you are looking to buy Maine coon cat for sale online.

You may find them curled up in strange corners of the house if you give them a chance to climb up and do the hunting, you might notice their love for outdoor activities.

These kittens easily get along with everyone even dogs and feline cats. The kitten loves playing with toys and fetch stuff. They like observing birds from the window and splashing their paws inside a fishbowl. Buy Maine coon kitten for sale from us.

They can communicate with more than one sound and can call you with different types of purrs and meows. When they want to show love, they just give a head butt to express how special you mean to them.

Although every cat has their own likes and dislikes, they might throw tantrums when it comes to eating. These Maine Coon kittens are carnivores and require 41 different nutrients in their diet. Mykitten is the only trusted cat marketplace where you can buy Maine coon kitten at best price,
Also, their eating habit and plate proportions change with age. A growing, kitty with be more energetic and needs a different balance of nutrition in her diet in comparison to a senior cat.

These furry cats have a heavy, double coat with a silk touch and warm padding which is useful in the winter season. This shaggy coat requires a lot of combing and need the removal of dead hair.
It is necessary to trim their nails every 10 days or after two weeks. Makes sure you have the habit of cleaning your pet’s teeth with vet-approved toothpaste. It is important to schedule and carry out this cleaning process on a regular basis.

Before you try your skills with handling a lazy cat who loves to be loved, there is a list of things that need to be kept in kind. It is very important that you are aware of all the features and habits of them.
You must keep a track of how your pet is doing, take care of their heavy and long coats and get them vaccinated regularly. These kittens need entertainment and love to play with puzzle toys. Checkout our cute maine coon cat for sale litter.