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Have you seen a cat that loves water? The Bengal Cat breed does! Get Bengal cats for sale today. The Bengal cat is the perfect breed that came into existence when the Asian Leopard cat was bred with a Californian domestic cat.

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Having a beautiful cat with a shiny coat and green eyes is mesmerizing. The Bengal cat mostly looks like a Bengal Tiger, a small tiger with an innocent face. It is a well known fact that Bengal cats are playful and love to climb, chase and investigate little things.

They also demand a lot of attention and are mostly found roaming about here and there. This cat is quite attentive and one of the most intelligent cat breeds as compared to other modern cat breeds. This meek and obedient house cat has a quite boisterous personality.

One must not consider the Bengal breed as delicate or docile. Mostly, Bengal cats are always hunting for adventure and love being trained to walk so that they could explore outdoors and befriends with others. These kittens are really clever and swift but are graceful with a strong, well-built body, and that’s why these cats have a look that reminds you of the jungle.

The Bengal cat is one of the famous modern cats who came into existence in the 1980s in the USA where it got crossed between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic tabby cat. Later, they also got crossed with other short-haired breeds such as Burmese,Egyptian Mau and Abyssininan. This cat is quite attentive and one of the most intelligent cat breeds as compared to other modern cat breeds.

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While searching for Bengal cats for sale, you must be aware of all the personality traits and behaviors so that you become ready to own one.

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Bengal cats have a unique appearance as compared to other cat breeds. They have a glitter-like sheen fur coat that gives a smooth, silky feel. You will find them having spotted or marbled coat patterns that run along all over the body. These coats consist of two colours mostly referred to as “rosette” like Jaguar. Adding to appearance, Bengal cats have symmetrical stripes that also run all over the body including heads, legs and tails.

Although they have a wild appearance, Bengal cat breed easily gets affectionate with humans and owners. The cats come with energetic vibe and have a joyful and high spirited side. They appear active most of the time and tend to show their active personalities when owned by a home that matches with their energy levels.

Bengal cats feel proud to be your best pet. They can be easily taught and love to learn new tricks and perform them again and again to impress their owners. Bengals are super intelligent and smart cats. Hence, they can easily learn new tricks just like a dog. They are full of energy and eager to learn anything you want. This cat breed is also known to learn basic verbal commands or mimic talent.

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Know More About Bengal Cats



ColorThe Bengal cat breed that own a coat with majestic and unique shades like seal sepia, lynx and seal mink with a pale white or cream background are termed as “snow” Bengals. There is a vast variety of coat shades such as brown tabby, seal sepia tabby, seal mink tabby, seal lynx point, black silver tabby, seal silver sepia tabby, seal silver mink tabby and the seal silver lynx point. The breed is also available in spotted or marbled patterns.
Body TypeWith a long, substantial body, the Bengal cats are found in different sizes ranging from medium to large. These cats have a sturdy and firm bone structure that identifies them as the largest domestic breed. The wedged head shape complements the short ears. The textured coat is perfectly staged with its medium legs that complete with round knuckles.
HeightBengal cats height varies from 20-25 cm and the body length of bengal cats is from 36 to 46 cm.
WeightAn average large-sized Bengal cat usually weighs from 8 to 15 pounds. The males weigh more than the females and appear bigger than them. A fully grown male may weigh up to 15 pounds. Whereas, females can reach maximum weight of 12 pounds.
Distinct FeatureWhat makes these creatures unique is the sheeny finish on their coat. The fur gleams with iridescent shine that makes it look like a sprinkled glitter. These cats are a real beauty when they glimmer with flawless coat in the sun.
VaccinationsSome of the most common and necessary vaccines are: FVRCP vaccine, Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Rabies and Feline Leukemia (FelV) vaccine. It is very important that your kitten stays healthy and grows older. Vaccines are basically weak viruses that help your body build with an immune wall against the infecting viruses.
TemperamentYou might feel surprised to know that these cats love playing in the water. Whether you go for a bath or swimming, a Bengal cat will follow to join you. They are also fond of drinking water. Hence, their cat owners hardly need to worry about their hydration level. These cats look exotic like wild cats but have been domesticated with a temperament to match. The breed does not get aggressive and are very sweet, gentle and friendly. They easily mix up with kids and other pets. They are nice-natured and stay calm usually.
FoodThe Bengal kitties have a very active nature and are full of life. Bengals require a balanced and protein rich cat food.
ActivityUnlike other cat breeds, Bengal cats are attracted to water and love playing wet games. They would eagerly drink water from the taps directly. These kitties may even follow you to the bathroom while you decide to take one.


When you see a Bengal Cat roaming around, you might think it’s a jungle cat. That is quite obvious to think if you know less about this cat breed. The Bengal cats look spectacular with spots or marbled coats all over their body like wild leopards. However, Bengals are nothing
like wild cats. They are super friendly, intelligent, loving and affectionate cats that love to be around their owners. As they have the genes of a domestic cat, this cat breed has abandoned its wild nature and is more domesticated in general nature. The Bengal cats look sleek and muscular and weigh between 8 to 15 pounds. They come in dense, short, patterned coats in various shades of silver, brown and snow. The fur is super smooth and silky in touch, more like a bunny. Their eyes come in colours like brown, orange, yellow and green. Despite striking features with leopards, they are well-balanced and friendly cats with exaggerated features, wedge-shaped heat, super neat paws, smallish ears and athletic bodies with a lifespan of 10-16 years. Despite having a tough exterior, they are super soft and gentle cats from the inside. They
are loving, affectionate and super friendly with children, other cats and even dogs. They love to socialize with other household members irrespective of shape and size starting from early young age. They are full of energy and can be a great companion on your adventures.

Wild cats have always attracted people towards their beauty and free nature. That’s why some wild cats such as ocelots, cheetahs, and lions have been owned by many lately.
The actual motive behind the development of the Bengal breed was to fulfill people’s demand for a pet with wild looks. In 1963, Jean S. Mill initiated the Bengal breeding program, and the Bengal breed that we witness today are the descendants of the ones developed by her in the 1980s.

The Bengal cat was the result of a crossing between the domesticated cat breed with the hybrid Asian Leopard cat, done by Jean Mill of California. Jean Mill made the first Bengal by crossing an Asian Leopard with a black California Tomcat. Then, genetic testing started for
this breed and decided to cross with other famous domesticated cats. Later, the Asian Leopard cat got crossed with another domestic cat called Egyptian Mau. Results came impressive and the Bengal cats turned out to be friendlier and affectionate.

In 1983, the Bengal Cat Breed was officially accepted by the International Cat Association and gained importance in 1991. In 1997, The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy also accepted Bengals Cats as the most reputed cat breed. Since then, this breed is making its
name among famous celebrities and rich households. This cat breed is quite famous among adventure-loving families.

The price of a Bengal cat depends upon your location. Bengals usually range between Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. Instead of buying a Bengal Kitten from any local cat breeder, we always suggest looking for Bengal cats for sale on a trusted online platform. With a trusted
marketplace like MyKitten, you will get the best quality Bengals that you can choose from a variety of colours and types.

Bengal cats are an owner lover and love nothing but cuddling with you. Although they resemble a wild leopard, they are usually believed to be an aggressive pet. But, that’s not true, as they love having fun around their owners and like to follow you everywhere. We have the best quality bengal cats for sale online in india.
They are full of energy and like to get a leash and love to get trained. Also, the Bengal cats are adaptable to children and get along with them really well. Their energy and activeness match with that of the kids.

Despite their wild appearance, this cat breed is the super friendly, loving and affectionate cat you can think of. They are sociable cats that love to impress you with new tricks and playful activities. Though the Bengals are super energetic, they are super friendly with children and other household members including other animals. Other than different cat breeds, Bengal cats are energetic, active, and mysterious and tend to keep their owners on their toes throughout the day. We deal with best Bengal cat breeders in India, Checkout our Bengal cats for sale.
If you really want to be a good pet owner, then just make sure that you fulfill their exercising needs (which forms the most important attribute of the personality of Bengal cats).
Bengal cats are very talkative and can keep you busy with their continuous chatter. Lastly, the fact that you must know about the Bengal breed is that they hate being alone. So, despite having a busy schedule, you must make sure that you keep them busy in all possible ways.

What mainly needs to be included in the grooming tasks of your cat is regular bathing and brushing. It is necessary that you put together a bathing routine for your cat. Also, the cat’s coat is specially designed, which allows you to wash it regularly. Our pet experts will be there with you after you buy a Bengal cat from us.
While taking them for a bath, make sure you keep their ears away from water splashes. Other than simply washing or bathing, what cats need is a regular inspection of ears and eyes. You must pay attention to their oral hygiene and set up teeth cleaning routine.

Before owning a Bengal kitty, make sure that you plan out a grooming routine, have a bunch of ideas and toys to keep them busy, have a secure and safe play area and you must be ready for a jumping pet roaming around. One thing that needs to be considered is their energy levels, you must be able to cope up with their active nature and handle their moods.

With their inherently wild nature, the Bengal cat breed needs a lot of playing and adventure. Because of our busy schedule, we need to lock them down while we go for work. But pet care is a must and one thing that needs to be there while you start taking care of the breed is exercise!
The Bengal cats are quite intelligent pets and should be kept busy with a toy. Bengal cats do not require a special diet, grooming or veterinary appointments. A simple bathing schedule and timely meals are enough.

Taking care of a Bengal cat is super easy. They have a strong body. Hence, they are comfortable in all types of environments. You don’t even need to worry about their hydration level as they just love water. Just provide them with a fresh, clean source of water. And, they
love to play with water. A rare sight! Though Bengals are low maintenance, keep a check on their grooming needs. Take your cat for a regular grooming session. Though, they are blessed with super shiny coast. Taking your Bengal cat for a grooming session would help to keep
the cat’s coat super nourished, healthy and shiny.