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Meet Our Happy Kitten Parents Community

Jaydeep Mane with Cordelia

MyKitten Customers

Just an update to let you know how Cordelia is doing. We are amazed at how affectionate she is and the way she always wants to be with you. My two other cats are warming up to her, and even run around and play with her on occasion. What an awesome kitten. Thank you mykitten.

Aishwarya with Loki Mischief

MyKitten Customers

We couldn’t possibly be happier with Loki! He came home on December 21, 2016 – since that day, my life has felt more complete. He is the sweetest, most mischievous little guy ever; in fact, his registered name is “Loki Mischief”. It’s such a delight to know that any time I have a question, you’re available.

Usha Rai with Percy

MyKitten Customers
I’ve been in love with this breeds since I was very young and when I finally stumbled upon Cattery I was more than willing to take the drive and check it out. It was the best experience I could’ve hoped for and I know if I have any questions in the future they’ll be there to answer them.

Ishika Jain with Neptune

MyKitten Customers

My husband and I have only had our kitty, Neptune, for a couple months and we are completely in love! He is a dog person and I am a cat lady, but since I’m allergic to cats and am not a dog fan we didn’t know if we would end up getting any pets…thankfully we found a kitty from mykitten

Arushi with Elizabeth

MyKitten Customers

It’s hard to believe that a week has passed since we picked up our sweet little baby, Elizabeth. Our decision to get a second cat from mykitten was right. I can not express my joy enough over our decision to bring one of these precious babies into our home. I promise she will always have so much love care.

Ananya with Olaf

MyKitten Customers

For six months, we contacted countless so-called breeders. The more we looked into each one, the more concerned I became about the health of those animals. We nearly gave up, until we found Cattery. They invited us to their office to meet all their cats, something we found many breeders won’t do. Thank you so much.

Geet Bhardwaj with Jack

MyKitten Customers

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the positive experience in purchasing a Persian kitten. Your knowledge and understanding of these amazing animals was comforting, in that if I ever had any questions in regards to the breed I would feel confident in your response!!! Thank you,
thank you for this experience.

Rakesh Kapoor with Chloe

MyKitten Customers

We want to thank you so so much for shipping our Chloe safely to our home. I trust mykitten 100% with their care, breeding, and personal responsiveness and professionalism. It has been a joy from day one!

Ritika Thakur with Simba

MyKitten Customers

I take this opportunity to express my thoughts about what a great experience it has been to add a Persian cat into my life! I contacted from the website and from our first contact they were friendly, professional, and available to answer all of my questions. I have also experienced the warmth and responsiveness from the sales team.

Urvashi Tripathi with Joy

I just wanted to thank you for making my experience with owning my first kitten everything I thought it would be and more. I thank you for answering the million questions that I asked, also for your honesty on your kittens on which one would be suited best for my family. I could not ask for a better kitten.

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