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Siamese Cats are famous for their royal look and beautiful eyes.


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Siamese Cats are famous for their royal look and beautiful eyes. These cats look like dressed up for an elegant masquerade ball in pale evening wear with chic black accessories and tanzanite-blue eyes.

One of the oldest, smart and active breed of pet cats, Siamese Cat, is best known among breeders. This striking cat is light-colored and with dark patches. The Siamese kitties are a work of art, have a tubular body, long legs, and large ears. Known for their love of the fetch game, Siamese Cats are intelligent and active animals.

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Their bright blue eyes perfectly go with the curious nature that also makes them more involved in their people. Whenever the owners are not around, these cats will play themselves by opening cabinets, seek out anywhere, or turning on faucets. Click on the contact us button to enquire about siamese cat kitten price.

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ColorThe distinct colored bodies of these Siamese kittens let you recognize them easily. The dark hue of their ears, feet, and tails comes in a range of brown, chocolate, blue-gray, and lilac. The light-colored body has ivory, cream, and glacial white that contrasts with the point colors.
Body TypeThe Siamese cats are found in two kinds, show and traditional. The show type seems to be modern artwork because of its lines and angles. Its tubular structure, slender legs, triangular ears, and tail separates it from the other. The traditional ones are also known as apple-headed because of their round head and chunky built. One thing that both types have in common is blue eyes that lend them a pleasant personality.
Height The male Siamese Cats stand 29 to 31 cm tall while the female ones stand tall between 27 and 31 cm.
WeightThe male Siamese Cats weigh around 4 to 6 kg while the female ones weigh about 2.5 to 4.5 kg.
Distinct FeatureSiamese kittens need specially formulated food for their health, growth and development. A wholly balanced diet like Purina Kitten Chow Nutrure, Purina ONE Healthy Kitten and Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula provide your kitten with the needed nutrients.
VaccinationsSiamese are given combo vaccination that covers almost all the diseases in a single injection. FVRCP, Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS, Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), and Rabies are some of the commonly used vaccines for keeping your kitties safe from harmful diseases. Proper vaccinations ensures healthy kitten. We provide vaccinations when you buy a Siamese kitten online from us.

Although these cats are intelligent, social, and talkative, these cats come with a deep and loud voice so that you enjoy chatting with them. Many times, they are described as dog-like because of their love for playing fetch and abundant affection.

FoodAfter indulging in one day of overeating, the Siamese show come up with a potbelly. As a new pet parent you have 100 questions in mind on what to do. We are here to guide you after you buy a Siamese cat for sale. It is essential to control their nutrition carefully. Also, their long and slim legs are not adapted to hold a fat body.
FunfactFor quiet hundreds of years ago, these luxurious cats were treasured by Thailand royal families for their distinctive color scheme, unusual body shape, and mesmerizing appearance. Also, these cats were believed to receive their owner’s souls after their death.
ToysThis skilled breed is good at learning new tricks like playing with puzzle toys, following the clicker, tossing a small ball, playing fetch, or running at a course. Since they love jumping to heights, it’s needed that you provide your kitten with a perch or cat tree that would keep them engaged.

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These ethereal, light-shade cat with their striking color pointers debuted in 1871 at London’s Crystal Palace Cat Show in Victorian England. The publicity took place when they were started to be called as Royal Cat of Siam, which is the name of present-day Thailand.

The breed has been into the spotlight with some of the favorite family movies such as “Lady and the Tramp”, “The Incredible Journey,” and “The Aristocats”.

Like most of the cats, Siamese enjoys staying indoors and like to cuddle with their people. They are fond of learning new tricks and games and are intelligent enough to grab little details about you. Their long, hind legs are perfect for their jumping skills as they enjoy playing with cat tree and perch. Contact us for Siamese kitten for sale online.

The Siamese breed is known for its sociable, friendly, and affectionate nature. These kittens tend to show love and trust towards people and often bond especially with one person. They are skilled, playful, and intelligent, need a lot of interaction to be entertained. If you are buying a Siamese cat online checkout Mykitten, we provide Siamese kitten for sale at best price.

Most Siamese cats easily adjust to living with children and other kitties. Buy Siamese kitten online. This breed can even survive harmoniously with cat-friendly dogs. These cats can get anxiety and depression when left alone for long and might show smart or destructive behavior I the absence of enough stimulation.

Siamese cats have a short coat that makes grooming a breeze. The coat requires gentle combing every week with a stainless steel comb. It is recommended to trim their nails every 10 to 14 days. These kittens are prone to periodontal disease, so brushing them at home with a vet-approved toothpaste is suggested.

If you are planning to pick Siamese from the websites which offer kittens for sale, then you must be prepared for the scheduled tasks that involve their maintenance, grooming, food, etc. Checkout our Siamese cat for sale litter. It is highly recommended to visit a vet once in every month.
Before selecting one, you must check for deformities and the point coloration. There are very less online cattery who give purebred Siamese kitten for sale. As mentioned earlier, Siamese get anxiety and depressed when not give enough love and affection. So, take out time to play with your little pet once every day.

Like most of the cats, Siamese enjoys staying indoors and like to cuddle with their people. They are fond of learning new tricks and games and are intelligent enough to grab little details about you. Their long, hind legs are perfect for their jumping skills as they enjoy playing with cat tree and perch. Contact us to buy Siamese kitten for sale online.

These kittens do not require special care because of their short coat. They do not even shed hair. Some cats might form physical deformities like crossed eyes, kinked tail, but don’t worry as they require no medical help. In their later stages of life, some may develop retinal atrophy or glaucoma, bladder stones, and heart disease. As first time owners its very difficult to buy a Siamese kitten online.

Though, they are most talkative cat breed but very much opinionated which make you believe exactly what they think, in a loud, raspy voice. You will find the royalness in their behavior as they expect you to pay attention and act on their advice. Contact us for Siamese kitten for sale online.

Being sassy, they are the one who will feel when you need a hug and in return, shower some love you with lots of cuddles. When you are sitting down, they will jump in your lap, and sleep in bed with you at night and probably under the covers with his/her head on the pillow.

If you ready to serve and say “Your Highness” on every move of these beautiful babies, then you can buy Siamese cat for sale online and adore the sassy-doll of the feline house.