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Understanding Signals of Cats Tail Signs- Decoded

Ever wondered how cats express their feelings? Or tried to figure out what is exactly going on inside your cat’s mind? So, if you are a new cat owner or are looking to buy cats online, there is one thing that you must be aware of. A cat’s tail best expresses what they are feeling. All you need is to `pay close attention to your feline friend. Even if you are searching for some particular signs that might lead you to what your cat is up to, you will eventually end up confused. 

Naturally, all cat owners do not come with the skill of understanding their pets on their own. They need some indications that help in knowing their kitty better. As soon as you master the art of studying and observing your cat’s tail, you are almost there to be the best cat owner. This not only helps in understanding their mental state but lets you resolve their problems related to mental or physical health. It will become ultimately easy for you to know the emotions of your cats and understand their mood swings. Let us have a look at a complete guide about cat’ tail movements to let you get closer to your pet.

Types of Tails:-

Upright Tail

When your kitty is roaming about with an upright tail, you just need to learn that it means that your cat is happy and feeling confident. And that is what we all need, a happy cat. To keep that going and ensuring that your pet stays contented and happy always, you need to plan out time for playing with them or providing them with snuggly cuddles. Simple treats and perks after they obey you or act as a good kitty.

Question mark like

This peculiar shape of the tail represents a friendly cat mood. You get to witness an amiable side of your pet that in cats, is a rare thing. It is suggested that whenever you find your cat with a curled-up tip tail, then just simply give your hand to them so that they can sniff it and you can even show them some petting and extra care. Also, this type of tail can act as an invitation to the guests at your place.

Straight, but down

This one is the most important one to learn. Such a shape of the tail not only expresses a bad mood of the kitty but tells you that your cat is feeling aggressive. And as we all know, a cat in a bad mood is a dangerous and difficult one to handle. Such agitated cats can scratch you or mess with your delicate stuff. Whenever you spot a cat with such a tail, make sure you engage her in your petting and try to bring her back to normal by removing the stuff irritating her.

Curled up under the body

Whenever you spot a kitty sitting aside with such a curled up tail around her body, learn that they are feeling nervous or maybe sometimes, submissive. A cat can be shy and timid in a strange environment or whenever they need attention from you.  In such a case, all you can provide them with is attention and extra care. 

Puffed tail

When cats turn their tails into such a shape, they are feeling scared and angry. Cats tend to get scared whenever there is some sudden movement or when they get surprised. Even when they are shouting at you and yelling at other felines, their fur becomes puffy and the tail gets puffed up. In such a case, all that you can do is leave them alone for some time. Doing so will provide them some mental space so that everything gets back to normal.

Wagging tail

You might notice such type of tail movement mostly in dogs. As you spot your cat moving her tail swiftly side to side, just know that either they are fearing something or are aggressive.  Such an attitude might get you confused about what is on their mind.  The only way to get them calmed down is to leave them where they are and never force your cuddles on them. Trying to cuddle up with an angry cat would result in increasing their anger more.

 Gentle swaying tail

This tail movement is spotted only when the cats are focusing on something and are planning to pounce on it. This type of swaying is generally identified when they are hunting or are about to grab prey. This type of tail movement is found when you try to teach them a trick or command them to follow your actions.  In such a focused mood, you should just leave them where they are and let them grab what they want to. Failing to do so and interrupting in between their focus will lead to them getting angry over you. 

The tail’s tale

Now when you have come across all types of tail shapes and movements, you will find it easy to observe their state of mind throughout your life with your loving pet. Such tail gestures help you get to the nerve of the problem they are facing. In cats, it is quite difficult to know exactly what they are thinking or are about to react. Just take a little time to observe and learn and you are good to go! Learning these different tails’ movements and erections are not difficult to memorize. You will get to understand them quickly as you start observing your cat closely.


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