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Buy Maine Coon Cat For Sale in Pune Nashik

Covered in a rich, silky furry coat, Maine Coon cat breed is loved by cat breeders loved for its unique features. If you are looking for an adorable Maine Coon cat for sale in Pune, MyKitten is the best place. With multiple stories running around the origin and the history of the Maine Coon, one of those tells that Maine Coon cat breed is a descendant of their French counterparts. The other one states that Maine Coon is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a raccoon.

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These majestic beings are loved among breeders because of the luscious and luxurious coat that they carry around their short legs and waggy tail. The ruffled fur along the neck and britches separates them from their counterparts.

Unlike its counterparts, Maine Coons never get angry about a lack of attention and love you in every possible way. Petting a Maine coon is sure to make you feel happy and surrounded by positive energy. With less maintenance and more affection, you can keep your little friend happy and satisfied. 

After a tiring day at work, Maine Coons are the ones to provide you with ample love that would ultimately relax your mind. So, if you are looking for a friend and not just a pet kitten, then you must go for Maine Coon cat if you live in Pune.

Our Happy Mainecoon Parent

Maine Coons have a friendly nature and are well-behaved cats. They love attention and like it when you offer them with attention and care. Unlike the typical lap cats, Maine Coons do not get annoyed or furious if you close a door on them. They tend to patiently wait for you to open the door and pick them up. Contact us for maine coon cat for sale in Pune Nashik.
Born with a hunter streak, the Main Coon cats are a mouser and wipe out all the rodents residing in your house. In case if there is no rodent in your house, Maine coon cats will perform their hunting skills by pouncing upon toys or woolen balls. If you ever wonder what game you should play with your Maine Coon kitten, then think no more and grab a ball as they love to play fetch.

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When it comes to their size, Maine coons can grow as large as 20 pounds in weight. A fully grown Maine coon cat reaches its full size once they are three or five years old. Just like every other pet, Maine coon also require grooming and hygiene care. Mykitten is the best place to buy healthy mainecoon kitten for sale online in pune nashik. To upkeep the silky texture of the coat, it is mandatory that their coat is brushed and combed regularly. Combing helps in removing the dead hair resulting in enhanced shine and luster. Also, the fluffy tail needs attention while combing as it might contain poop particles struck.

Why Buy Maine Coon Cat For Sale in Pune Nashik From Mykitten!

At MyKitten, we bring you the Mainecoon kitten for sale in Pune Nashik in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

If you are looking to buy maine coon cat for sale online in Pune Nashik is the best place to invest your time in.  We bring to you the best quality cats where you can choose from a variety of breeds and get to know deeply about their health, maintenance, color, grooming, etc.


Maine Coons are not very costly. The price ranges from 40 to 45k INR. If that exceeds your budget, then you must go for the adoption option.

With confusion often being made between the two, Maine Coon deserves the best cat award. These kittens are well-behaved and do not scream at you over small things, unlike Persians. Their long soft coat cannot be beaten by the Persians furry coat.
Also, Persian requires more grooming and maintenance in comparison to the Maine Coon. If you are unsure what to breed to get, you can always contact us and we will guide you. We have maine coon cat and kittens for sale online in pune nashik. Maine Coon is more welcoming and easily adapts to new household environments and frequent visitors. Unlike Persians, Maine Coons are not typical lap cats who ask for continuous attention and an unreasonable amount of love and care.
Considering the breezy weather of Pune, Maine Coons are a better choice as they are comfortable with any type of weather conditions whereas Persians might catch a cold or get sick in windy weather. Contact us for mainecoon kitten for sale in pune nashik.

With a large range of colors and patterns available with the breeders, you get to choose from the tiger-striped. Usually, people prefer the brown, silver, cream, and white shades of Maine coon kittens. Some with white shade blended with the other four shades have been spotted. These earthy shades tend to attract people because of the enhanced luster and shine that these shades reflect in the sunlight or in any opulent surroundings. Mykitten is the largest online cat marketplace where you can get good quality maine coon kitten for sale in pune near you.
If you want a mixture of any of the available shades then you have a choice to ask the breeder so that they cross-breed the cats of both the colors to get you the one you want. Buy maincoon cat for sale online in pune from mykitten. But remember, owning a light shaded kitty can be a headache as light colors tend to get dirty easily and the tangled twigs and dirt easily spoil the luxurious touch of the coat. So while selecting the coat color, don’t select the lighter one only because it caught your eye, look for the grooming hassle you had to carry out.

Before You Get One…
Every pet is unique in its own way. While some are naughty and nasty, others are innocent and shy. Maine Coon cat breed is the adorable and loving type. All they need is a bit attention and occasion display of love. A belly rub along the window side on a rainy day in your lap will easily make them feel loved. A frequent bath and regular combing are enough to ensure the evergreen glamour of the Maine coons. Their shiny eyes and small ears are what attract people the most.

Cats are prone to dental problems and this is when dental care becomes vital. Brushing teeth once every week helps prevent possible periodontal diseases. Other than the teeth, trimming nails is essential as no owner wishes to be scratched by their dear friend in any situation. India’s number one cattery to provide maine coon cat for sale online in pune . An occasional wiping of the tears and ears will restore the shine of their pretty and innocent eyes. Do not forget to take care of the ears. The small size of the ears tends to get stuck with lint and threads.