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How To Groom a Cat? – 13 Easy Steps

A variant of long-haired cats needs regular grooming to keep matting of furs away from your kitty’s stomach. Such mats can lead to painful infections and even death if left untreated.

So if you have a cat or planning to buy a cat, then grooming is the best option to keep any future problems away.

Here we are sharing 13 steps to groom a cat, and by using these 13 steps you will realise, it is easy to groom your kitty at home:—

1. Daily Brushing

Comb the coat of the cat once daily as like in humans Long-hairs need more maintenance than short-hairs and of cats, they need extra care as they are unable to that themselves. So daily brushing is needed to prevent mats.

2. Prepare your cat

Prepare your cat in a table or a floor and be sure your cat is calm. Pet your cat and speak calmly during the procedure. Try scratching the cat in the good places before you begin.

3. Detangle the knots carefully

Some sprinkle of a little bit of talcum powder can help you comb out knots. Rest settle by using fingers to pull the knot apart. Beware when you detangle the knots and don’t try to turn the kitty.

4. Use mat splitter

You can also try a mat splitter which is available in our stores. This will give you access to a tangle-free coat easily. The mat splitter cuts the mat up in pieces, makes it easier to comb the mat and pull out the tangles without hurting the cat.

5. Always use a cat comb or cat brush

If you are unable to clear the mats, then it is better to chip off some of the bad mats, which does not get off easily. Always use a cat comb or cat brush as their needles are made for the sensitive cat skin.

6. Trimming & Cutting

After a good haircut, try trimming off the cat’s nails only by cat nail-cutters. You should know how to trim cat’s nails perfectly otherwise we would suggest you to go for a groomer.

7. Create a schedule for bathing

Maintain a schedule of bathing your cat once-twice a month. For long-haired cats will get tangles and mats without regular bathing. Therefore, bathing your long-haired cat is a good idea.

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8. Lightly comb out the wet fur after the bath

Damp hair will easily lose mats if any present. It is a way to prevent mats from forming after the bath.

9. Rub with towels to eliminate moisture completely

After drying your cat’s coat with the help of a large towel, rub as much moisture off as possible, try combing once again.

10. Check the skin

While looking for the coat and nails, also look for the skin and check for the skin for bumps, bald spots, or cuts. These results in health diseases such as allergies.

11. Oral health is important

Maintain good oral health by brushing at least twice a week and visiting the vet for a regular checkup on the gums.

12. Clean the ear

Look for ear mites as they are mostly found in the younger kittens and clean the ear from inside out.

13. Use dry shampoo to avoid smells

Remember to take good care of the scents and substances. Sometimes your cat might stink ever after a good bath, try using some dry shampoo after drying their coat from the bath. To avoid smells

If you are unable to perform any of these above-mentioned steps, visit a professional cat groomer to ease your work.

This might save you time and be less traumatic for your cat. Also, we have new kittens for sale, Visit us at for more information.

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