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Buy Maine Coon Cat For Sale in Bangalore

Rugged, solid yet charming, Maine Coon cat breed is an adorable cat with distinctive features that fascinates many cat breeders and owners. If you are looking forward to being a proud cat owner in India, then MyKitten is your answer to Maine Coon cats for sale in Bangalore. Getting their name from Maine, these cats were popularly known to be mousers and most likely, farm cats. With tufted and thick fur, they look majestic. Also, their big size has earned the record for the world’s longest domestic cat because of their maximum size of about four feet. These affectionate pets easily adapt to people and places and are less needy in comparison to other breeds. With their amazing hunting skills, Maine Coons can easily fulfill your needs of a mouser.

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While owning a cat, what matters the most is their behavior. And behavior majorly depends upon the historical background. When it comes to finding the history of Maine Coon cat breed, it is still a mystery. Surrounded by many myths, it is believed that this particular cat breed is a crossbreed of a domestic cat and a raccoon, which is, impossible to achieve. The other theory says that these cats are descendants of French cats that were sent to the city of Maine by Marie Antoinette. Another belief states that Maine Coon cats were brought by the Vikings.

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Whether you are adopting one, or planning to buy a maine coon kitten for sale in bangalore, it is vital that you are aware about the harms that their bodies are prone to. The most common type of heart disease is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). When a cat suffers from this disease, their heart muscle thickens. So before adopting a feline friend, it is recommended that you take them for a screening that identifies and detects the HCM disease. Also, getting your pet friend vaccines from time to time is recommended. Organizing vet meetings can prove to be beneficial for your cat. Getting them regularly injected would prevent them from getting any disease from other felines, dogs or pets.

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Maine Coon cat breed is friendly, adorable and great hunter. If you are looking to own one, it is highly recommended that you surf through and get your homework done. Maine Coons are always chirpy and talking, but are adaptable creatures who easily befriends with your other pets and frequent visitors. Pouncing over the mice and resting over the kitchen counter top, are the two most favorite hobbies of Maine Coon buddies. Taking care of these ruffled and thick-coated cats is no hassle, just make regular appointments with the vet and get them shot. Also, when it comes to the grooming part, a frequent combing and tooth brushing are required. Found in majestic coat colors and amazing patterns, Maine Coon make up for the best pet one can ever have. 

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Mainecoon kitten for sale in Bangalore Karnataka near you in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

If you are looking to buy maine coon cat for sale online in Banagalore is the best place to invest your time in.  We bring to you the best quality cats where you can choose from a variety of breeds and get to know deeply about their health, maintenance, color, grooming, etc.


If you are looking for buying Maine coons in different corners of the country, the price range may differ from place to place. When it comes to determining the cost of buying a pure breed in Bangalore, then it might cost you approximately 40,000 INR to 45,000 INR.

While there are some breeders who could charge you more for the Maine Coon cats depending on the physical appearance and health wellbeing. It is recommended that if you are running low on budget and still need a fluffy friend, then you must look for adopting a cat instead of purchasing

Maine Coons are often confused with the Persian cat breed because of the similarity in their body structure. Also, comparing the Maine Coons with a different cat breed helps you pick what is best. 

Both Maine Coon and Persian are friendly pet cats that are popular among breeders. These adorable cats make the best household cats. Maine coon cats are bigger in size than the Persians. Also, unlike the Persian cat breed, Maine coons do not have a flat face and that makes it easy for them to breathe. 

Although the Coons have a thick, rich coat, they do not require frequent grooming sessions whereas Persians need timely grooming. Maine Coons face no difficulty in surviving the cold climates whereas, Persians cannot bare cold places. 

Last but not the least, Maine coon cats easily adapt to the new environment or households. Persians, on the other hand, take time in observing and settling into the new environment.

Their heavy coat might look luxurious but it actually requires good time and an organized schedule of grooming their fur and coat. The coat has the tendency of matting rarely but this problem can be resolved by frequent combing and conditioning the feline’s body.

Maine Coon cats are available in a range of colors in Bangalore. The easily found shade and pattern in Main Coons is the brown tabby shade and the tiger-striped pattern. With the growing demand in the red, chocolate shade, fawn color, and unique patters such as tortoiseshell and calico that separates it from others.

If you are on a cat hunt and are searching for a fluffy friend to be there with you n difficult times, then Maine Con cats are a great choice. These cats are available for sale in Bangalore and can be availed online at friendly being follow wherever you go, watch you as you cook and love relaxing in your lap beside a window seat. Also, Maine Coons become our family member in no time and show ample affection to you as well as your frequent visitors. Being friendly and adaptable, the Maine Coon cat breed is the perfect addition for those with many kitties. The cat is considered a plus-sized kitty with the ruffled neck. Talking about the physical appearance of the cat, Maine Coons are a heavy-boned and muscular breed of cats.

So if you live in Bangalore and are willing to know more about them before adopting one, then you must visit MyKitten.