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Check out the kittens rehomed all over India is the purrfect cattery for persian cats for sale and to Buy and adopt all breed kittens for sale online in India

Why Buy a Persian cats for sale from us?

Once you will buy a Persian cat from us we guarantee to be there to help and to guide you in all phases of its life. Most noteworthy all our new born babies are from PKD negative parents, vaccinated for rabies and FLV, de-wormed, litter trained, vet checked. Our Persian Cat for sale is well socialized guaranteeing super temperaments before leaving for their new homes. Also, all our pets are loved and played with daily.

THINK TWICE” before checking out our cats for sale or a kitten from us – this is the first advice we give to all our customers. Hence please make up your mind when looking for cats for sale in India. For the sake of the kitten, if you’re not 100% sure about whether you and your family will be able to give the love, care & attention the kitten needs or demands. Then please don’t buy one and don’t go for adoption either. We are very pleased and thorough while selling a kitten to someone for the first time. We always ensure that the kitten goes to the correct hands and make sure that you are ready for pet parenthood. Thumb rule for searching the kitten for you among all the Persian Cat for sale is that - "You can never own a cat - a cat owns you" Happy purring! Do contact us if you want to check kittens for sale online near me.

We offer Persian Cats for sale online and also have a boarding facility. If you want to buy a Persian kitten online or if you're looking for a purrfect cattery online for your cat's hostel stay while you are on a vacation then call us! First of all, selecting the perfect Persian cat to buy or adapt according to your needs will be our priority. Whether it's a crazy cute Persian or a Himalayan, we have a unique cat for sale for every cat lover! Do contact us if you want to check kittens for sale online near me in India.

Why choose to buy a cat from us?

No Cage Cattery 

Fully Vaccinated and Dewormed 

100% guaranteed healthy Persian kitten and cats for sale

Health and Breed Certificate 

Experienced staff with A->Z practical knowledge about Cats

Non Profit social Business model based Cattery

Hostel facility and Boarding Facility

Home Delivery

What makes us different and why buy a cats for sale in India from us?

We work on a non profit social business model. We love all our kitten like our own. Raising them with love and care is what our volunteers are expert in. Our cats are always free fed and are daily checked for any unusual behavior. Our priority is to find a pet loving owner for them. We encourage people to tell us about themselves before going forward to buy a kitten from us - please be patient with us. Do contact us if you want to check cats for sale in Mumbai Bangalore Pune Delhi NCR India Online.

What we believe in ?

All cats deserve love and respect. We are based on a non profit social business model. We do not force breed - and ensure that the breeding is natural and not forced. Our breeding queens breed only twice a year - which ensures that there are no still births and all the kitten are healthy.The money raised is shared between the upkeep of our in house cat and the upkeep of our locality strays. Also, as per the funds we spay and neuter the strays. The volunteers are paid by endless potions of kitten love. Every cat is unique and special.

Why you should choose us over other backyard breeders?

Always remember before they are your pet, they are ours! Hence we never compromise on their health and wellbeing. Always make sure that while searching for Persian cats for sale in India or any other part of India you select a good and genuine breeder. Our priority is to give you the most unique kitten who will be an apt fit for you and your family.

While different types of cat breeds have unique behavioral characteristics - we help you to choose the right breed and purrfect persian cats for sale online for you ! Each cat breed has a distinct personality as well. One should keep them indoors to avoid transmission of diseases and parasites.Furthermore with an annual trip to your trusted veterinarian, and good nutrition and care, these breeds can live as a family member for easily 10 long years.

Persian Cat

Our Persian Cats For Sale comes in different categories - punch face Persian kitten , semi punch Persian face kitten and doll face Persian kitten. Our cattery specialises in Persian breed. They have beautiful luxurious coats and open pansy-like faces with round innocent eyes. Persian cat is known to blend easily in every house once they feel secure. Communication for them is speaking and expressing with eyes. This cat is playful in nature but are not at all demanding. Proper maintenance of their coat is essential to keep the fur healthy and tangle free.

Himalayan Kitten 

Our Himalayan Persian Kittens For Sale comes in point colors i.e the colour is restricted to their face , paws and tail. The colours are usually chocolate brown, lilac, blue. The body of the Himalayan cat comes in various shades of white and fawn. All Himalayans have deep vivid blue eyes with most of them punch faced. The Himalayans are very vocal and love to sleep in their owners lap.

Exotic Shorthair Kitten

The American Shorthair Cat is a curious and playful cat with short dense fur coat. Also they are friendly to other pets, but are afraid of being left alone and enjoy the presence of their owner. Shorthairs are more affectionate and loyal than most cat breeds and hence make excellent lap cat. The exotic shorthairs are low maintenance as compared to the Persian Cat.

Siamese Kitten

A Siamese Cat is an Asian Origin cat with short fur coat.They have light off fawn colour rigid body with dark brown shade on ear,face and paws. Siamese Cats are low maintenance as compared to other breeds cats. We do not have Siamese Cats all year long. Please check with us before hand for this breed.

Royal Bengal Cat

The royal Bengal Cat is a miniature version of the Indian Leopard. The Bengal Cats have a strong muscular body and can weigh upto 9-12 kgs. These are very rare cats and are the most intelligent of all the cat breeds.

What makes us so special?

We pride ourselves on being the most ethical kitten breeders in India. Our cats for sale and adoption are our top priority and we have a number of policies/rules in place to ensure the health & happiness of our kittens - before, during and after their time with us. We take care more of our kittens than any other pet store or kitten breeders in India. We ensure that our breeding cats get the best cat food and nutrition they require. All our breeding queens have their vaccinations upto date. They get their regular vet health checkups ALWAYS.

Where to buy Persian Kittens for sale in India and how they are delivered

We deliver to all places in India via flight/bus or train. We ensure that the kitten is delivered safely to you. Once you will buy cat from us we guarantee to be there to help and to guide you in all phases of kitten's life. The booked kitten will arrive at major bus stops, train stations or airport.

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