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Breed: Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair cat is a Persian feline with a different coat. This breed is born by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs.


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The exotic shorthair cat is a Persian feline with a different coat. This breed is born by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs. Later, crossed with other shorthaired breeds such as the Burmese and the Russian Blue. Now, they have their own legacy.

These cats have the same characteristics as a Persian cat but wrapped in a short, plush, easy-care coat. They are sweet but quiet in nature and love to play on their own when they are not petted. Exotics are very soft spoken and little heard, but when they do speak it is in a soft, pleasant and musical voice.

There are many ways in which the Exotic Shorthair resembles Persian breed. The Exotics have plump frame with large bones and attractive features. It’s large square head and flat face is much like the Persian members of this breed. Its wide-set eyes and small ears make its face lends a kitten-like appeal.

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Their bright blue eyes perfectly go with the curious nature that also makes them more involved in their people. Whenever the owners are not around, these cats wiThe most distinctive feature of this breed is its plush, short-haired coat which comes in a variety of colors and patterns. There s a thick undercoat layered with the plush coat. With solid features and a dense coat, Exotics are believed to resemble a soft toy. Their plush, adorable, teddy-like looks make them a breed in much demand.

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ll play themselves by opening cabinets, seek out anywhere, or turning on faucets. Click on the contact us button to enquire about siamese cat kitten price.

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ColorExotic Shorthairs are available in a range of attractive designs and colors, from white, tabby, black and blue to Calico and a point coat design just like the Siamese ones. And for the eyes, this breed is found in a variety ranging from blue-green to shiny copper, depending on the cat’s coat.
CoatFound in variety of color and pattern combinations, shorthairs are demanded in some favored shades that include blue, black, cream, red, tortoiseshell, and tabby.
Body TypeExotic Shorthair breed has body type similar to their Persian and British Shorthair ancestors with broad bodies; short and thick legs; large paws and short length tails. Their big-sized heads are complimented by large, round eyes, tiny ears and short nose.
HeightExotic Shorthair are smaller than Persian cats and the height is around 12 inches.

With its fat and short-legged bodies, thick necks, and wide heads, the Exotic Shorthair look pudgy. The Exotic usually weigh up to 15 pounds, but main weight is because of the dense bones and not the actual fat.

Distinct Feature

Despite a quiet demeanor and vocalization, the exotics also have a uniquely dense coat that not a lot of breeds own.

VaccinationsThe risk of your cat contracting bacterial and viral infections is high, so the recommended vaccines are known as “core” vaccines, which are highly suggested for almost all cats. In addition, available vaccines are known to offer protection from some other harmful diseases like feline leukemia virus (FeLV).
TemperamentThese affectionate and cute pets are friendly in nature and have a personality similar to kittens and dogs.

Just like other cat breeds, the Exotic Shorthair cats love eating variety of homemade food. It is vital that they need to consume protein and would eat its prey. It is easy for them to digest turkey, chicken, fish, and other seafood.


Known by very less, exotics are actually “purring monsters”. You might hear echoes of purrs all the time.


Shorthairs love to scratch polls and posts all the time. If not provided with adequate toys and proper play tools, these kittens might destroy a nice furniture. So, the best toy for Exotics Shorthairs is a scratching posts and towers.

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Ragdoll cats & Kittens were actually created in 1963 in California. A breeder named, Ann Baker wished to develop a good-looking cat breed that has a loving and caring personality. So, she started with local long-hair cats.

The first foundation cat for Ragdolls was named Josephine and was a white cat with Siamese markings. Her genes carried a black, tuxedo-type pattern with seal mitted design. The present-day Ragdoll actually descend from Josephine and her son, Daddy Warbucks, and other unknown longhair male cats.

Now when you really wish to own a Ragdoll and are selecting from various cats to buy online, it’s necessary that you make sure that all the homework is done. It is necessary to invest n some time and do full research before petting one. Only look for trusted ragdoll breeders to buy a kitten. We have the best ragdoll breeder in india and you can buy a ragdoll cat for sale online from us.
As mentioned earlier, these cats love resting in your arms and laps. Though not very energetic, ragdolls love playing fetch and can spend endless time playing with children. These kitties weigh a lot because of their heavy bones and broad built but need to be picked and handled with both the hands.

This breed is the potential to have health problems. Generally, these cats are healthy but some common conditions like bladder stones and a heart condition which are known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
If your cat is identified with HCM, then you must remove them from breeding programs. Ragdolls rapidly grow older that makes it important for them to have plenty of food full of nutrition.

Ragdolls have a medium length, silky coat with a plushy texture which is quite easy to groom. With a stainless steel comb, the grooming becomes easy. These cats require combing once or twice a week to avoid mats or tangles.
While grooming, it is very important to be calm as they enjoy this extra attention. Other than the coat, ragdolls require regular nail cutting and trimming. Nail trimming is needed every ten days or just two weeks.
This breed of cats is prone to periodontal disease, which makes it a necessity to brush their teeth frequently with a vet-approved toothpaste.

Ragdolls behave much like a dog and love to carry their toy in their mouth while running all along happy and satisfied. These loyal buddies like sleeping in their owners’ lap on a rocking chair, beside the sofa, front of a fireplace, and at times, on your feet while you sit back on the recliner watching a favorite show. They are great pets that welcome you and greet you after you return from a tiring day. Contact us if you want to buy a ragdoll himalayan cat for sale.

They love lying on the floor beside your feet, on the sofa’s side, or simply in your lap. Not very energetic, these cats prefer to layback and plays only fetch game. You may spot some of them dressed as babies and being treated as a baby by their owners. They have a soft and melodious voice, which they use for communicating.

Contact us to know more about ragdoll cat price. The kittens have semi-long hair and come in variety of patterns and colors. Ragdoll cat love cuddling up in the owners’ arms and get easily affectionate with them.

Ragdolls are a big, gentle cat breed and have vivid blue eye color and easily get along with everyone. Their humble and friendly nature makes them adaptable by any home.