Why Do Cats' Meow

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Know The Reasons Of Your Cat’s Meowing!!

We provide you with 10 different, extremely insightful reasons to guide you through this – 10 Reasons for Your Cat’s Mellow Meowing As per our highly learned and experienced professionals, there are many different reasons for a cat’s excessive meowing. The language may be a barrier but the emotions can never be. Do give this unique article a read to know why do cat’s meow.

We provide you with 10 different reasons to guide you through this:-

1) Health If you feel that your cat is meowing excessively, bring your cat to our veterinarian for getting a full diagnosis done, and get to know the correct reason for your cat being excessively vocal. The first obvious reason for your cat’s sudden meowing is that she might be hurt or there is an underlying health ailment that might be troubling your cat and she is trying to convey this to you.

2) Attention all cats are a great attention seeker, the unconditional meowing may mean that they want your hand over her, for you to pet or play with her. This shows your cat’s unconditional affection for you, and this kind of meowing is very much soft, and excessively sweet and mellow as your munchkin is trying to talk to you.

3) Threatened the most ferocious, and perhaps a little daunting for hooman parents is an angry or an agitated cat. Cats might often erupt into screaming, in case they ever feel threatened or intimidated. This is definitely not a very pleasant sight, your cat might be releasing pent up energy or she might be scared, with an excessively fluffy tail. During such time, a cat might become very violent and can probably pounce and attack another pet or even her own hooman, post which she would feel guilty, but she’s only an innocent animal, and we all get occasional bouts of anger.

4) For greeting her Hooman certain tender meows are just a cat’s way of saying ‘Hi’. Notice when you come home and your kitty meows or greets you when you see each other in the house, she might even run between your legs, and would even meow, asking you to pick her up.

5) When your kitty is hungry The one major reason of a cat’s meowing is when you forget to feed you kitty, you would ne able to distinguish that demanding meows of your fur ball. Also some cats, especially maine coons run around and after you, meowing the whole time in case her dinner gets late or if she’s really hungry and wants food.

6) Wish to go in and out of one room .This might be similar for most of the house animals whenever they wish to go out or come inside and also if they want you to open the door for their majesty, if the door is closed, because your queen cat might not really appreciate your privacy.

7) During Estrus During estrus in cats, a female kitty or your beloved cat might yelp and howl incessantly. The sound may get unbearable for you as your kitty would have a sudden irresistible urge to go out. This is primarily one of the major reasons for spaying and neutering your feline companion.

8) Stress Our professionals have identified that one of the reasons for a cat’s excessive meowing is when she is in stress. Try and pacify her, and also eliminate any such object or recognize and work upon the causes that might be bothering your kitty.

9) Anxiety Amongst the many other house pets, cats are one who get sudden anxiety. Excessive and persistent worrisome conduct along with fear of being left alone in the house for long periods of time might result in your cat having a faster heart rate, accompanied with rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired. These anxious meows are very different and very much understandable.

10) Aging The most noticeable sign to distinguish a senior cat is his loud meows and increased vocalization. This may be due to the cat’s increased age and other age-related symptoms that unfortunately leads to bone, muscle, and organ dysfunction. Such cats might have a diminished cognitive function, and they are absolutely not as robust as they were previously. Old cats hence have a different kind of quite distinguishable meow.


But besides these, there are several other eclectic causes for the excessive meowing of a cat, that as naive humans we might not be able to understand unless we know our kitty inside out. Also in case these meows of your companion kitty are new to you, and if it is getting prolonged for days, it is very much advisable to contact our cat behaviorist at MyKitten for getting an in-depth insight of your kitty’s sudden drastic demeanor. It is extremely important to diagnose the underlying cause as your cat might possibly have some serious health problem that must be addressed in time.

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