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Why Do Cat’s Meow?

Why Do Cat’s Meow?

Know The Reasons Of Your Cat’s Meowing!!

According to our professionals, there are many different reasons for your cat’s excessive meowing. The language may be a barrier but the emotions can never be. You should read this article to know why do cats meow.

We provide you with 10 different reasons to guide you through this:-

1)  Health

If you have realized that your cat is excessively meowing, bring your cat to our veterinarian to get a full diagnose and know the correct reason, the first obvious reason for your cat’s excessive meowing is that they are hurt or something is wrong with their health which may be very painful and they are trying to convey that to you.

2) Attention

A cat may be a great attention seeker, the unconditional meowing may mean that they want your hand over them to pet or play with them.

This shows your Cat’s Affections Toward You, and those type of meowing is very much soft and you would think your cat may be talking to you.

3) Threatened

Most disagreeable worst of all is an angry or agitated cat. Cats will often erupt into screaming and feel threatened enough to attack.

This is definitely a bad sign for your cat. Your cat may be releasing pent up energy and feels the need to hunt. Often, these cat’s become very violent and stalks, pounce and attack you, and run away.

4) Greet

Some meowing is just their way of saying a ‘Hi’. Notice when you come home and your kitty meows or greets you when you see each other in the house.

5) Hungry

The one reason when u forget to feed you kitty, that meowing you will be able to distinguish from the rest. Some cats especially maine coon run around and after you and meowing the whole time if she thought dinner was late for her or she is hungry.

6) Wish to go outside/come inside

This can be similar for most of the house animals when they wish to go out or come inside and wish you to open the door for them when the door is closed.

7) Estrus

During estrus in cats, a female kitty or your beloved cat may yawl incessantly. The sound may get unbearable for you as they wish to go out. This is also a good reason for spaying.

8) Stress

When your cat is stressed, our professionals identified that one of the reasons for their excessive meowing is when they are in stress. Why does cat’s meow is a different type of topic and if you are thinking to rehome a cat, you should know about different cat sounds? They raise their vocal than usual. Notice this kind of meowing when you take your cat to a vet.

9) Anxious

Cat’s among other house pets are very anxious. Excessive, persistent worry and fear about situations like leaving alone in the house for lengthy periods of time every day or some days at a stretch make their heart rate fast, with rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired. Those anxiety meowings are very different and understandable.

10) Aging

The most common signs for a senior cat is loud meowing or increased vocalization. This may be due to their increased age and age-related symptoms leading to the bone, muscle, and organ dysfunction. They may display a decrease in cognitive function, demonstrated in a variety of ways, including loud meowing mostly due to pain and ache in various parts of the body.

But besides these, there may be a variety of other causes of their loud or excessive meowing which can be unknown to many cat parents.

MyKitten Pic

And if these long meowings are new to you and are prolonging for days, it is very much advised to contact MyKitten for detailed knowledge of the change in your kitty’s behavior.

It is important to detect the cause as your cat may have some serious underlying problem that is unknown to you.

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