Why Is Your Cat Not Eating

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Why Is Your Cat Not Eating?

Cats with an unpredictable nature might refuse to eat sometimes without any clear reason. Besides any cat’s intentions, they are meat lovers. They need a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, amino acids, and various other minerals according to their age and breed.

Some of the main reasons for your cat not eating are stress, underlying health problems, mischievous and annoying mind. But before concluding anything, check and verify every symptom your cat shows.

1. Determining Stress from Various Factors

It’s your responsibility to keep your cat happy and healthy. You need to take care of a lot of things after you buy a cat or kitten.

You need to keep your little friend stress free. The stress factor is related to many surrounding issues. Stress may occur due to any location or house change, this brings curiosity and can be easily frightened about it.

A new family member or an animal can bring a variant level of emotions in them, including aggression, withdrawal, or sudden litter box avoidance. This can be reduced by the cat owner by introducing the cat to the new member and assuring them the same attention.

A sudden visit to the veterinary can be stressful and scary for some pets. It is advised to keep a small blanket over the top of the crate to help them calm inside the crate while you drive her to the vet.

Due to any death of a family member, cats grieve like humans. The pet must be reassured by giving more attention and love to cover up the loss.

Another reason can be fear from sudden sources like natural calamities, extreme noises.

Stress due to traveling to different places that can change its surroundings and routine feeding time, resulting in a loss of appetite.

2. Extreme Mood Swings Due to their Whimsical Nature

Cat’s changeable nature is known by all, If your cat is not eating it could simply be a whim. Refusing to eat their food can be one of the ways of asking for different food and tastier treat.

A better idea is to change the same tasted food with flavours. Also, decrease treating your kitty too much, this could make them more besotted over treats then formulas or regular foods.

Sometimes vitamins and added supplements taste bitter with food, and this can be one of the reasons for a cat not eating.

3. Unknown Underlying Health Problems

The following health problems can lead to loss of appetite:

A toothache, Kidney Failure, Heart Problems, Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cancer, and Pancreatitis leaving them in total distress.

Don’t be fooled by your cat’s easy face, as it does not always mean she cannot have any health problems. One of the main reasons for the cat not eating is their upsetting health issues.

The reason remains unknown most of the time as cats do not express their pain. It is advised to visit our vet as soon as you notice your cat is losing her appetite. Sudden loss of appetite can be a cause of a recent vaccination, neutering, or spraying.

Modify the Food to Attract your Cat

  • Reduce the number of treats per week.
  • Mix-up tasty teats with their food when they refuse to eat their regular diet.
  • Try for odourless vitamins and supplements.
  • Never serve cold or frozen food to the cat.
  • With their growing age, try serving foods with variant consistency(liquid/wet, solid/dry).
  • Also, try different brands of a different flavour from MyKitten to change their whimsical mind.
  • Fed your kitty an exact time every day and night to bring it to inhabit.
  • Ensure your cat eats her daily meals, by using an automatic feeder.
  • Provide meals in clean and fresh bowls.


Hopefully, these changes will help them eat soon, in case of other problems visit us for our professional advice at MyKitten.

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