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10 Signs To Know Cat’s Affections Toward You 

We have seen how most of the cats behave in front of people, they like being alone most of the time. They are known as independent and bear pain without any sign.

As a cat parent, you must wish to know if your cat loves and respect you the same way you do to her. Though you think that sometimes they behave as if they don’t care but they do care actually care about you.

How to know these as there is no verbal communication between you two. You will realize that it’s easy to buy a kitten but it’s a bit tough task to understand her correctly.

Maybe there are signs to find out that. Know if your cat loves you or not by these 10 signs

1) Kneading At You

It may resemble as a massage for you but actually, your cat is kneading or making the imaginary dough over you. Kneading is one of the most common behaviors seen in the house cats than in the wild cats, and sometimes it may be present in both.

This behavior supposedly comes when a cat is feeling happy or content and it associates the motion with comforts and believes and trust towards you.

2) Head Butting

Everyone likes a little attention, the same as for the cats. Cats have facial pheromones that represent their feelings of trust and safety they have with their owner.

While head bumping may seem a little playful but it is a way of your cat’s interaction and it is a very significant gesture among cats.

3) Licking Your Face, Lips, Ears, And Hairs

This is a sign where you can confirm your cats’ way of affection towards you. Your cat licks your lips has a meaning like kissing you as you kiss back your cat.

4) Blinking

Cats save eye contact for their favorite Hooman they know and trust. Eventually, they can also slow blink followed by a long stare.

Know this before you realise your cat is staring at you and return this behaviour with her favourite treat and lots of petting.

5) Snuggle and Cuddle

What best experience can you have than your cat snuggling with you. Cats look for a warm and cozy place to sleep along with that it has to be safes.

So if your fluffy feline decides to snuggle down beside you, you must compliment that feeling with more love.

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6) Gifts

Cats have natural instincts of hunting for smaller moving animals and if your cat respects you, it will present you with bounties like a dead rat of a small bird to make you feel proud of her.

It may not be a very good gift for you but it is a way of showing your ownness to your baby cat.

7) The Powerful Purrs

Purring makes a cat calm and lowers the heart rate and help them relax and exhibit feelings of contentment.

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8) The Soft Loving Bites

While playing the cat tends to bite you softly which can be differentiated from an aggressive bite because the second one hurts.

9) Tail Activities

Confirm your cat’s behaviour by looking at her tail. Puffing out of the tail is when they are scared or agitated and they will twitch when they are in euphoria.

10) Tummy Up Position

Cats never show their tummy, if they are showing, it means a lot for the cat.

Notice, while grooming your cat, when your cat rolls around and tries to get your attention and lays on their back with a hanging leg. It is because they trust you and want you to rub their belly and pet them.


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