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Prevent Matting Of Furs In Your Kitty – Cat Matting

Grooming can be a lot of work and sometimes it can feel as if shaving can be an ultimate solution for a long-haired cat but unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

The coat is very important for any animal, it plays a huge role in regulating the normal body temperature. It acts as there possession, stay cool in summer and warm in winter. With a little commitment every day, you can easily get rid of the busy mats. Alongside you will be able to spend a good bond with your kitty as they wish your attention and love to be groomed.

Here are some Tips to Easily Maintain your Baby Kitty:-

1. Initiate Grooming Habits from the First Day

The prior preparation before getting a kitty is to get all the products your kitty needs(Read about the supplies in our blog) and this can be called the initial phase where grooming starts. Make your cat comfortable by your touch every day. Make her see her combing brush and realize the object. The sooner you adjust a little with your kitty’s brushing, the easier it gets for the rest of your journey.

2. Develop a Routine for Both you and your Cat

Devote your life’s little time for your cats’ good health only then you will be able to see her growing so quickly and well. Never preserves yourself for grooming your cat. Never scold your cat for getting herself dirty every time you come home. Give all your mind and love your cat when you groom her.

3. Always have the Specific Brush Designed for Specific Cats

Use the right comb or brush for your cat’s hair. We have all different kinds of brushes and combs for all breeds of cats. Like for a Persian cat breed, always use the long-haired brush for her thick coat; same for an exotic cat use a short-haired brush or comb. Make sure you brush every possible area of her coat. It is important to clean the outer layer, in the beginning, to start with the inner coat. And The best brush would help you reach both the inner and out layers of your cats’ coat.

4. Other Tools

There are other tools to deal with strong and bad knots for a long-haired cat, usually known as mat breaking tools, and are smaller than grooming brushes. These are used when only a combing brush cannot help with the busy mats. But it is always preferred to bring your kitty to our professional groomers for cats in case she doesn’t like your using of different tools.

5. Get your Kitty a Well-Balanced Diet

A good and well-balanced diet is the focal point of making sure your cat’s coat is healthy. Make sure you know your cats everyday diet. And even after a very well diet, if your cat’s coat is notoriously unruly or problematic, talk to our veterinarian about switching your cat to a diet that’s rich in coat-nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Omega-rich nutrients.

6. Love and Care

Know what your cat is doing all day. Pet your kitty more to stay connected with her and you may find out the reason for her dirty coat, even are brushing daily. Moreover, your fingers can also act as a comb to work out small tangles.

7. Get Professional Help

A professional may know better at some points for unruly coats. They are skilled and experienced. You never know there may be a sign of illness or injury if your cat is not grooming properly.


To know more about the grooming or know about your baby cat’s health make an appointment with your veterinarian for a general checkup.

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