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How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant?

How shocking it can be if your neighbor tells you that your kitty is pregnant. It can be pretty surprising and to know if your kitty is expecting kittens. After the first few weeks of their conception, they will be showing signs of pregnancy. Do not worry, their pregnancies progress too quickly to think for a second option.


Although spaying and neutering cats are necessary as it will reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies as cats have this tendency from when they are kittens themselves. Spraying and neutering also reduce the chance of getting sick easily. The neutering eliminates the production of hormones that cause an uncastrated male to roam and spray urine for marking territory outside and inside the owner’s home. A female kitten should be spayed prior to her first heat which is around 4 months of their age. If you find trouble figuring out the pregnancy yourself, then you must consult with our professionals to have a general examination. Before you schedule the visit to the vet try reading on our guidelines to determine if kittens are on the way.

Cats can conceive easily and can give birth just nine weeks after conception, seems like they don’t waste any time family planning for the future. But as their owner, it is your foremost responsibility to plan their health for their benefits.

Relatable Signs of pregnancy are-

Soon after conception or in the 1st and 2nd weeks, your cat would not show any signs of pregnancy. But in the 3rd week, things become a little more noticeable. After that period, you will notice that your cat will no longer go into heat, and her body will begin to change. The common change will be a swollen body, pink nipples, and a larger abdomen. Some other signs may be increased appetite and vomiting like that of a human. Pregnant felines often need more of your time as they become more affectionate than usual.

Visit your veterinarian

Visit a vet after you realize any of the above-mentioned symptoms is present in your cat. Make sure to confirm the pregnancy and know if your cat is healthy and progressing normally. Our professional’s advice to not try pressing the cat’s belly or lift them without their approval, as it might hurt the kittens and cause miscarriage. The vet might confirm the pregnancy with an ultrasound. Please make sure you provide medications to your cat as directed by the vet.

 The delivery

Your cat will try to nest before she gives birth, it means setting up a place to have her litter. The cat will try to relax in your closet more than often. Try not to take out your cat outside during this time and provide your cat with a nesting box with a large cupboard, include a towel or blanket, and place the box in an area of your home that is safe and is not bright. Provide enough food and water throughout her pregnancy. Once your cat goes into labor, she might meow loudly and vomit. Don’t. Most births go smoothly, but if any problems arise be sure to contact our vet.

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