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How to Help Your Cat Loose Weight?

Who does not love to have a fluffy cat in their laps? A few ounces might not look harmful, but the fat layer tends to cause some severe health issues to your cat. Ranging from a shortened lifecycle to damage the heart, obesity in cats has various risks that can put your little pet in danger. It has observed that cats tend to become inactive and lethargic. And obviously, nobody would ever be relieved to see a fat and unhealthy cat laying in their living room or lazing around in the house.

Let us have a look at some approaches to make your obese cat lose all of its excess weight so that you two enjoy the quality time together playing.


Full Steps – How to Help Your Cat Loose Weight

1. Set a Diet Plan

This process should primarily focus on the calorie count and deficit in your cat’s food. While planning a diet for your pet, keep in mind that there should be a perfect balance of nutrients and other essential vitamins that would keep them away from getting fat. To maintain a healthy weight for your kitty, make sure you feed them with food that is calorie-balanced.

2. Get a Vet Evaluation

Before even starting with the weight loss plan, recommend that you get an appointment with the vet for your cat. A vet can easily trace down any probability of upcoming disease due to obesity. A vet can carry out a series of physical tests to understand the type of risks that the cat can face if not taken care of. Doctors believe diabetes to be a common disease that an obese cat is susceptible to. You can even ask your vet for a nutrition-rich diet for your kitty.

3. Set a Target

Whether you have a Persian Cats or any other fancy-looking breed such as a Persian kitten, you might be aware of their average weight. You can consider your vet’s assistance in deciding a target bodyweight and work according to it. For that, you would probably need to run some physical tests. Also, each cat’s ideal body weight depends on its age and size. Usually, a domestic cat weighs eight to ten pounds but depending on the cat’s obesity levels. The vet might recommend an ideal weight or help set the weight loss target for every period.

4. Take Your Cat Out

This process is simple but requires you to put your shoes on. You can grab a leash and take your cat out for a walk in the park. Some of you might find it difficult as indoor cats are not comfortable with exercising or working out. A one-time walk in the park proves to be beneficial for both the owner as well as the pet cat.

You can even bring in some scratching poles for your kitty. This would help your overweight cat to exercise as they love staying indoors and could not couple well with other felines in the park or across the block.

5. Maintain The Weight

Now when your pet has finally lost those extra pounds, all you need to worry about is that the excess fat does not come back again. You can get a small weighing machine and monitor their body weight regularly. You can maintain a log and note down the bodyweight so that it is easy for you to track it in the future if the cat gains another set of pounds.

6. The Process Takes Time

A drastic weight loss might delight you, but it takes less time to learn the weight again. You should be careful while executing your weight loss plan. Also, immediate weight loss leaves a long life impact on the organs such as the liver and heart. Cats tend to develop fatty liver disease, which is caused by drastic weight loss and proves to be harmful to a pet’s health.

Now when you know how to help your cat lose extra body weight, you need no longer worry about your cat developing fatal health disease. All you have to do is keep a check on the bowl portion of your cat and schedule an exercise routine for the cat. You can think of incorporating food with high moisture that would prevent dehydration issues and urinary infections. While being on a search for Persian cats for sale in Bangalore, Delhi, or other metropolitan cities, or got one among different types of breeds.


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