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Known as the glamorous kitty of the pet world, Persian cats are one of the demanded breeds in the pet world. Their sweet personality and calm nature combine to make it a lovable breed. Although the kitty requires ample maintenance and grooming, that’s what makes them a fluffy ball of love!

When you are living in Bangalore (that too in the southern half) and are willing to get a Persian friend for yourself, then you must be visiting sites with Persian cats for sale in Bangalore. You must be aware that there are plenty of factors that make caring for Persian breed a task. Persian kitten are own by most Americans. So, if you live in India and want to pet one, you must make sure that kitty is comfortable with the weather, food and another phenomenon.

Traditionally known as doll face cat, Persian cats are load with extremely adorable features. Their cute flat face has a typical length nose and expressive eyes. They call you with their sweet, melodious voice and demand endless love. They are lap cats and love to cuddle with their owner at any time of the day.

Now let’s take a look at the origin and history of cats so that you understand their unique traits.

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Characterized by a flat face and a stout muzzle, Persians are the result of cross-breeding between the Himalayan and the Exotic Shorthair breeds. The Persian breed has gone through a range of selective breeding. The breeders carried out developments to get the flat face versions and the highlighted muzzle that we witness today.

This long-haired breed cat has its ancestors from Iran that were imported to Italy in the year 1620. In the late 19 th century, the cat fanciers began working on the head shape and the muzzle which made these cats lose the signature looks and features.

Now talking about the Persians’ bodies, the cats look quite impressive because of the soft and thick coat. When you get yourself one while searching for a Persian kitten for sale in Bangalore, you must go through all the information available there, from grooming to maintenance to diet.

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The cats require a scheduled routine of bathing and grooming as their luxurious coat might capture dust particles on the carpet or at other places of the house. One must take care of the brushing and combing routine. Also, dental care is a must as these cats love to chew on things and might get chunks stuck in there.

Loved by the royalties, Persian kittens stay low on energy and crave the attention of their owners. More to give the attention, the more they love you get in return. The Persian breed feels secure to stay in a serene and pious atmosphere.

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As far as the physical condition is concerned, Persian friends carry a risk of hereditary health issues. Some of the diseases that needed to be a check upon are polycystic kidney disease (PKD), bladder stones, cystitis (bladder infections), and liver shunts. You can hover over to MyKitten, especially when you are thinking to buy cats online in Bangalore; they have an extensive collection of information about the Persian breed.

These domestic kitties come in a variation of three face shapes. The show quality one is more of a flat with a least pronounced nose. The doll face one is almost a round shape with a highlighted nose. Then comes the pet quality; this typical shape is not ideally round, but has a defined nose.

These easy-going cat breeds like the attention of their human and are social. Their calm temperament makes them famous among those you stay indoors. They also are cleanliness lovers and can take care of their fur at times. These social and friendly furballs have earned a reasonable pet tag for themselves.

If you have finally decided Persian as your favourite one, then you must go through the above-listed information. Do not forget to visit for a large variety of cat breeds and all the related information. Also, check out the breed category for knowing more about the Persian cat breed. It is recommended that you take care of their luxuriously soft coat, it’s grooming and brushing. They need love and care attention, so you now you must know the balance.

Known for shy and quiet nature, Persian cats are popular among people who easily fall in love with the docile pets. These symbols of royalty are searched by cat lovers all over the internet. For those surfing internet day and night for Persian cats for sale in Bangalore, should visit once in their search span.

Considered as one of the most easygoing and laidback breed of cats, Persian cats sprinkle royalty.  Unlike most pet cats, Persian cat breed do not prefer scratching or hissing unnecessarily.  But not to forget, Persians can get annoyed while playing with kids or other loud pets.

All that these kitties want is royal treatment and dignified behavior from their owners. These cats ask for ample affection and gentleness from you. With frequent pats on their furred bodies and belly rubs, these cats will be your lap cats. If you are in search of a best friend who offer ample love and affection in return, Persians will be a wise choice. Contact us for Persian kitten for sale in Bangalore.

The Persian cat is a medium-sized pet whose weight can range from 7 to 12 pounds. These not-so-heavy kitties were initially petted as an ornament in the palace resting beside the majesty. These cats were believed to posses special powers and were considered a blessing in the ancient times.

One fact that needs to be considered is that actual cats of this did not look like what we see today. Earlier versions of this breed had shinier, silkier hair with gray tint. But with the emergence of selective breeding, Persians were crossbred to obtain a palette of coat fur colors. These cats were adored by Queen Victoria for their celebrity-like appearance and long coat.

Persian cats’ personality resembles their looks– pious and innocent. We have Persian cats for sale in Bangalore near you.  They will harmonious live among kids who gently comb their fur throughout the playtime or stroll her around the house. Persians usually do not trust anyone caressing them. They discriminate guests and visitors and prefer company of their owners only.

With such impeccable body and looks, Persians are prone to certain health problems. These problems are not serious and can be cured with occasional shots. Their facial design often causes breathing problems and dental malocclusions (improper meshing of teeth). The cross breeding has affected their eyes leading to excessive tearing and sometimes, cherry eye problem.

While health issues can be taken care of by simple medication and shots, grooming is what requires most attention while you pet a cat. Their long, majestic coat retains its shine only with regular cleaning and combing. As discussed, eye tearing can cause problem in their vision. So, it is essential to wipe the corners of their eyes oftenly. Also, daily brushing of teeth is recommended by the breeders and vets to avoid periodontal diseases.


Persians cats are usually high maintenance cats but keeping that aside, they can be excellent pets for those who prefer living in quiet and peaceful environment. Their long, shiny coat is sure get you appreciated for your choice of pets.  If you are fond of uniqueness and wish to get a extraordinary-looking pet cat, then you must consider variety of coat and eye colors available among breeders.