Things to Keep in Mind After Buy Cat

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5 Things to Keep in Mind After You Buy a Cat or a Kitten

Congratulations on getting a new furry friend! There are many points to keep in mind after you buy a cat. The first few days at your home are the most important for your new kitten.

You should follow simple steps in order to able to spend the most valuable time with your new pet. Also, Persian kittens are a little difficult to understand unlike dogs – hence a small guide to their behaviour is always useful.

1. Region is Critical

They see it the way we see our garments. Regardless of whether your cat originates from home or the road or any cattery, it is normal for them to stow away in their new domain.

While we consider the new kitten as a member of our family, he doesn’t know about it and hence it is of utmost importance for you to make your kitten comfortable around the house.

2. Litter Box Placement

Litter Box Placement is one of the most important things to know after you buy a kitten. To make the process less demanding and smoother to move into another home, you ought to give your kitten some protection or sense of comfort regarding the litter box.

To do this, set up your home for the entry of the box. The cat needs to have space to put the litter box.

3. Kitten Space

The next step is to make a small sanctuary where he/she can feel safe to snuggle in. This could be a bed or basic a rearranged cardboard box that has two cuts “entryways” or a beautiful comfortable cat tree.

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Place a scratching post close to the bed and rub some catnip on the post. Rubbing Catnip over the scratch post will increase the chances of engagement of your kitten as catnip is known to act as an energy booster for the cats.

4. Playground For Your Kitten

How to make a playground for your kitten is also one of the most important things to know after you buy a kitten. After this, make all aspects of your home kitten friendly. Kittens love vertical high surfaces. For a start, you can set up a small ladder with space for your kitten to climb and bounce.

Increase their access around the house by fixing horizontal wood slabs on a wall where the cat can climb and sit. Cats love to sit on vertical spaces and stare at things happening around the house.

5. Getting Along with your New Kitten

Rather than you going to the kitten, again and again, it is best you let the kitten come to you. This is one of the best ways of connecting to your kitten.

In the event that he doesn’t, return the following 15 minutes. You must not stress if the kitten does not eat. When the kitten is re-homed it tends to stay away from food for a few days.

Give the kitten a chance to do everything at his own particular pace. Stay persistent as it might take two or three weeks for your kitten to comprehend and acknowledge that this new round is its new home.


The only thumb rule is to be patient! The above things need to be kept in mind once you buy a cat.

Good Luck!

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