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Buy Siamese Kitten and Cat for Sale in Bangalore | Buy Siamese Kitten Online

Buy Siamese Kitten and Cat for Sale in Bangalore | Buy Siamese Kitten Online

Siamese Kitten for Sale in Bangalore

Sleek and unique looking, Siamese cats are in great demand because of their silver-gray coat that perfectly couples with their adorable blue eyes. Other than silver-gray, these kitties come in a variety of coat colors ranging from orange to brown to cream.

These mysteriously good-looking and appealing cats are considered as one of the oldest breeds of cats especially when it comes to domestic kittens. Although the background and history of the Siamese cat breed remain unknown, some still believe that these kitties were first domesticated in Thailand around the 14th century; where they were actually mentioned in a manuscript. Going by the above belief,  it can be said that Siamese is the oldest cat breed among all the other breeds today. 

Talking about their looks and physical appearance, one can easily fall in love with their blue, sparkling eyes.  The kink of their tail and crookedness of the eyes separate them from their counterparts. Another belief gives the reason behind their curved tails that these cats used to hold goblets with their tails.

It is because of their majestic appearance that Siamese cats were treasured thousands of years ago by royal families of Thailand. Not just this, but royals used to believe that their soul transferred to a body of Siamese cat after their death. These cats then spent their lives in a temple and were papered and praised by the priests. 

Some try to find out the mystery behind these cats emerging in the urban side of the world. Another story reveals that Siamese were initially owned in the U.S by President Rutherford’s wife, Lucy. She named her Siamese cat, Siam, and got it as a gift from a diplomat of the U.S.

If you are looking for a Siamese Cat for sale in Bangalore and really wish to pet them, then you should be aware of the fact that these pets are really talkative and are vocal about their choice of food, strangers passing by, and almost every other thing that bothers them. 

Petting a cat not only involves playing and feeding them, it requires you to have a fact check about what health issues can possibly occur. Siamese Cats carry a genetic health risk and some of them that can harm them are Amyloidosis, Asthma, Congenital heart disease. Amyloidosis causes problems when the amyloid protein gets deposited in the organs. 

Taking care of the pet should always be your priority. Be it coat care or health care, cats need a frequent lookout. These kitties have a short, smooth coat that can be easily cared for by frequent combing that would remove dead skin cells and hair. Also, combing their coat helps distribute skin oils. You should try making a daily dental session a habit. But if your feline does not like it, a weekly brushing will be equally better.

For further care, if you want your cat to not to carry any further diseases or have a fine coat, it is important to keep them indoors. Keeping them inside your house will protect them from catching diseases from other felines and pets and by the attacks of wild animals such as coyotes. Also, these majestic cats have a risk of being stolen because of their precious features and impeccable beauty.

Why you Should Buy Siamese kitten in Bangalore?

Siamese Cats
  • Family-friendly
  • Communicative 
  • Large Size
  • Inquisitive natures
  • Healthy

Usually cat breeds like to stay aloof and alone, even if they are with their owners from their kitten age. While some bond closely to particular beings, others become a family member in a jiffy. So, if you stay in Bangalore, especially alone and feel a need of a companion to make you feel good and content, then you must go for a Siamese breed cat. These indoor pets are known to be affectionate with the family members and feel comfortable among familiar people. 

Although, Siamese cats are one of the most talkative cats but are able enough to tell you about their opinions, all because of their loud, raspy voice. Other than their appearance, you will observe a royal streak in their behavior and the way they get your attention and command you to act according to their advice.

Cost of Siamese Cat in Bangalore

If you are looking for buying a Siamese cat in Bangalore, but are confused about the budget range to be set, you stay prepared to spend a minimum of ₹ 35,ooo. The royal appearance and shiny blue eyes of the Siamese cat breed cost you more. Breeders are ready to spend thousands on these pure breed kitties reason being the luxurious touch in their appearance.

However, this price range can go as high as ₹40,000 or maybe more.  If this price range is out of your pocket, then don’t lose hope. You can think about adopting a Siamese pet instead of buying a kitten. Adopting costs can be as low as ₹25000.

Siamese or Persian; Best Cat to Buy in Bangalore?

When it comes to comparing two different cat breeds, the first point of difference lays in their appearance. In case of Siamese and Persian cats, the visible difference is their coats. Siamese have a fine, short coat with unique color variants. Unlike Siamese, Persians have a fluffy long coat.

Besides the coat, Persians are cleanliness loving pets with friendly nature and unmatchable loyalty. Siamese are polite and introverts and do not get friendly easily. 

Siamese has a long neck and tail and a triangular head. Whereas, Persian cats have a round face and short muzzle that gives them a unique appearance.

Persian cat breed has originated from Persia (present-day Iraq) and on the other hand, the origin of Siamese cats stays unknown and revolves around a variety of beliefs and ancient stories.

Which Colors of Siamese are Available for Sale in Bangalore?

The most common color that you would find these cats in is the silver-gray shade and coordinates with blue eyes. Other than this silver-gray shade, you can avail them in variety of earthy shades such as orange,cream, beige, brown. The Siamese Cats have their fine coat with unique shaded pattern. The coat is darkened at the ears, tail and the limbs.

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