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Ragdolls are a very delicate cat variety and have shimmering blue eyes and become friends with almost everyone. Their modest and amicable nature makes them versatile for any home environment. These cats have semi-long fur and come in assortment of patterns and hues options. Ragdoll felines love snuggling up in their owners’ arms and share warmth with them.

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The variety likes to play fetching game with you and enjoys resting in your lap. Ragdoll felines get along very well with toddlers and can have a long conversation with them. Ragdolls spend a large portion of their habits and behavior with pet dogs such as love for running and playing fetch and filling in as the most faithful pets to their owners.

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Ragdoll Himalayan Cat Characteristics

Ragdoll cats were really made in 1963 in California. A raiser named, Ann Baker wished to have a gorgeous cat variety that has an adoring and caring character. Along these lines, she began with nearby long-hair felines. The first created cat for Ragdolls was named Josephine and was a white kitty with Siamese pattern. She has genes of a dark, tuxedo-type design with seal mitted structure. The present day Ragdoll comes from Josephine and her child, Daddy Warbucks and other longhair male felines.

Ragdolls act a lot of like doggies and love to grab their toy in their mouth while running from one corner to other whenever they feel satisfies and happy. These faithful pals like dozing in their owner’s lap on a rocker, next to the couch, front of a chimney and moreover, on your feet while you sit back on the chair watching your loved show. They are extraordinary pets that invite you and welcome you after you come back from a tiring day.

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Ragdolls are excellent back to front. With brilliant blue eyes and an extravagant coat, these kitties are quite engaging when it comes to their appearances. Look further and you’ll see that Ragdoll cats have numerous constructive character attributes as well. They are delicate, well disposed, loving, faithful and a lot more than that.

The cushiony and furry oat of the Ragdolls perfectly combines with their colorful personality and makes them a cuddly teddy bear who you can hug while sleeping. Also, Ragdoll cats want ample amount of love and affection in return of their loyal and caring nature. Ragdolls really appreciate you stroking their fur and pay attention to their talks. Also, this cat breed is a typical lap cat and likes sleeping close to you on your bed.

Ragdoll cat are comparatively expensive and usually cost between 25,000 to 35,000 Indian rupees. But if you choose to get yourself a show Ragdoll cat, then they might cost you jut the double. Ragdolls are usually less in demand in India and that’s what makes them a hard to find and expensive pet cats.

If you are running low on budget but still wish to buy a Ragdoll Cat, then you must look out for adopting one. An adopted kitty is not much different than the originally bred one. So, without a worry, you can adopt a Ragdoll kitten in affordable price.

When it comes to finding difference among Ragdolls and Persians cats, it is the appearance that is visibly evident. If you closely look at the eyes of a Ragdoll, they are black. However Persian cats have a range of eye color variety.

Persians have a variety of coat shades such as solid, point, chinchilla, etc whereas, Ragdoll Cats have coat with darker points at ears, feet and tails.

The coat of Persians is full of fur and hairy but that of a Ragdoll is fine textured and smooth. Hence, the Persian’s coat requires frequent brushing and grooming. On the other hand, Ragdolls do not require much grooming or combing sessions.

While comparing the existence of Persians and Ragdolls, Persians can be called as the oldest breed to exist whereas Ragdolls are the newest among most cat breeds.

Ragdoll Cats are available in variety of coat shades but have a point coloring at the ears, paws and tail. The four patterns that you would find in Ragdolls range from colorpoint, mitted bi-color, van, and these beautiful patterns can be designed with rich colors like seal, cream, blue, chocolate, lilac and red.
If you closely look at the patterns of the mitted Ragdolls, you’ll find their feet to white, giving a sense that the cat is wearing boots.
Talking about the colorpoint ragdolls, they have a solid color but with darker markings combining with the lighter version of the same shade. The bi-colored Ragdoll cats come with more white shading in non-pointed areas. The cats with the van pattern come with dark shading on the ears, tail, and some other areas.
With so many possible patterns and shading options, the beautiful Ragdoll is sure to catch everyone’s eyes.