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Gentle and docile, Persians are differentiated from other cats because of their pronounced face features. This kitty loves sitting in their owners’ lap beside a fireplace on a rocking chair. These glamorous cats of the cat world are in huge demand among the pet lovers and breeders who prefer living in quite environments. Anyone looking for a cuddly pet with majestic appeal should go for Persian cat and kitten for sale in Kolkata.

The Persian cat breed is generally found in show and traditional kinds. The show Persian kitty comes with a round head adorned with a thick, fluffy fur, tiny sized ears, flat nose, huge round copper colored eyes, stout yet broad body with weighty boning on short tree-trunk like legs, and a thick tuft of a tail. The traditional Persian, generally famous as the Doll Face cat, doesn’t have the extraordinary highlights like the show Persian, and a well-defined nose with typical length, giving it an adorable face.

The gentle and sweet nature of the Persian kitties is out of the world. Their adorable face features perfectly fit the peace loving nature. The long furry coat makes them cuddlier and is one of the many reasons why toddlers love playing with them. Buy beautiful kitten for sale in Calcutta from India’s best cattery.  Besides, the furry coat, the Persians have a melodious voice that acts as a stress buster amid the chaotic environment of a metropolitan city.

Although they are famous for their glamorous appeal, Persian cats have a nurturing and caring personality and are sure to provide you with immense love. The two sorts have a long, captivating coat that comes in numerous hues and designs, and both boast a similar magnificent character. Click on the contact us button to buy a Persian cat for sale in Kolkata West Bengal

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For those wondering about the favorite place of the Persian cats, it is important that they know how much Persians love staying indoors. This breed does not like being exposed to outdoor environment or other pets especially, dogs. Also, one should never try taking them out for a walk around the block as they hate interacting with other proactive creatures. Look at our customers with their beautiful Persian kittens for sale in Kolkata.

Even if you take them out in the park, you will soon learn that Persians have no knowledge of self defense in case they are attacked by other pets or children. Many reluctant buyers have kids in the house and are skeptical about petting the cat when the kids are around. Persians live comfortably irrespective of the size of the family. Whether it is the kids or older people, Persians easily fit into homely environments.

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Other than just the hair care, keeping physical health of the pet cat is also important. Frequent brushing of teeth is suggested by the breeders. Besides the oral hygiene, the Persian cats have a problem of tearing a lot. Excessive tearing is caused in Persians mainly because of the modification in the shape of the head and the eye.

It is generally suggested that the owners wipe of tears from time to time. Also, Persians are prone to health problems as they are very lazy and tend to keep sitting at once place. If you are looking to buy a Persian cat in Kolkata then we offer best price Persian kittens in Kolkata West Bengal. To prevent such health issues from occurring, the owners should make sure they bring enough toys for their kitties to play. If not toys, you should take out time from your busy schedule and play around the house with them.

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Persian kitten for sale in Kolkata in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

If you are looking to buy Persian cat online in Kolkata is the best place to invest your time in.  We bring to you the best quality Persian kitten for sale in Calcutta West Bengal where you can choose from a variety of breeds and get to know deeply about their health, maintenance, color, grooming, etc.

All these qualities of a Persian cat raise one question– Where do they get these impeccable looks from? The answer to their adorable features lays in their history. Persians for sale in Kolkata get their name from the place of their origin. They became famous among animals admirers and breeders in the pet-lover Victorian Britain and were first seen at the cat shows in that continent. Persian cats have consistently been experimented to have the evident round head, short face, scorn nose, tubby cheeks and a short, cobby body, yet after some time those highlights have gotten misrepresented.

The outcome is that the Persian currently comes in two sorts, show and customary. Conventional Persians have a bigger face in comparison to show Persians and resemble more with the earlier looking breed samples, yet both share sweet character and impeccable features. Today, the Persian is among the most famous cat breed enrolled by the Cat Fanciers Association.

We have already discussed how the silky coat of Persians kittens for sale in Kolkata reflects royalty. So, while you get fond of the extraordinary appearances of the Persian cat, you must not forget about the responsibility of taking care of the grooming. Before becoming a Persian kitty owner, you should know how regular bathing is an essential part of maintenance. The soft, long hair requires additional care and a proper grooming session twice a week.  For everlasting shine of the fur, make sure you get the right conditioning products and equipments such as mild shampoo, conditioner, and wide comb, tear free hair care products or anything recommended by the vet.

Also, majority people are worried about the allergies that Persians can cause her.  We deal with best Persian cat kitten breeders in Kolkata. We provide cat for sale in Kolkata West Bengal. This fact is totally dependent on the breeder and their way of handling these pets. It is essential that you buy a kitten only from the breeder who keeps them well-vaccinated and free from pests, only then you stay fully assured.

For people who are looking for a quality pet that can bust all their stress at the end of a busy, hectic day. Choosing will a great choice for such pet seekers. The site is an encyclopedia in itself.  From a cat breed’s personality to history to diet, MyKitten solves all your queries and clears all your doubts about cats and kittens.

In the end, it all boils down to how you treat your dear Persian and what you do to keep their natural beauty alive. The above mentioned tips will surely help you with easy maintenance and grooming. Persians are a unique cat breed with unusual looks and flawless appearances. Buy Persian cat in Kolkata at best price. Their long, silky coat has no comparison and can be found in variety of shades to match your preferences. These fluffy cats can be availed as a kitten or you can simply adopt them from existing petters. These indoor cats are easy on maintenance and need ample affect on just like a kid.