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Doll faced cat, glamorous puss or the lap cat; there are many names by which a Persian cat breed is known. These names have been given to them totally on the basis of their looks and pious nature. The beautiful coat flows down with grace and portrays elegance. These cats have sweet personality and calm nature is what attracts the breeders and cat lovers around the world. The cat is very popular for its impeccable looks and innocent face. Contact us to get Persian cats for sale in Hyderabad near you.

The main drawback to these unique looks is that they require high maintenance and long grooming sessions. Apart from this, it is essential that you provide Persians with a loving and caring environment. These cats easily adapt to all types of families and could play with kids, if handled with care. This undemanding cat breed asks for affection, love and care.

Before you wonder how these cute kitties got their unique looks, it is suggested that you take a closer look at their history and origin. The glamorous gets its name i.e “Persian” from the country of their origin Persia. These cats were loved a lot among animal lovers of the Victorian Britain. Earliest Persians were witnessed at Persia’s very first shows for cats. What we see now is not the original Persian kitty; the present day cat is the result of rigorous breeding and mutations in their face, head, nose, cheeks, and body structure. Click on the contact us button to buy Persian kittens for sale online in Hyderabad.

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The primary aim of breeding Persians was to get a round shaped face, fat cheeks, muzzle-like nose and a stuffy body. And with time, breeders worked to highlight these features. This rigorous breeding gave rise to two varieties; show and traditional. Both the breeds differ in their face’s shape. The traditional ones have bigger face comparatively and look more similar to the earlier samples. In the present day, Persian cats have been registered as the most popular cat breed by the Cat Fanciers Association.

What Persians are known for is their personality and polite nature. These gentle and quiet-natured cats love staying indoors and find comfort in a serene home environment. They appreciate care and prefer staying with people who treat them with respect. Unlike their proactive counterparts, Persian kitties spend their time lounging on a couch or can even try to climb up a heighted bookshelf of and simply best, rest in the lap of their owner beside the fireplace mantel. We are the best cattery in india to provide Persian cat for sale online in hyderabad.

Persians stay happy around children as long as they are treated gently and not forcefully drag them into games and activities. However, Persian cats are quite welcoming in nature for guest at a little girl’s tea party and will bat decorously at a peacock feather before returning to pose beautifully on his sofa. In general, just make sure children treat this cat with the gentle respect he deserves.

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Unlike typical cats, Persians communicate their feelings through their glimmering eyes and generally stay quiet. Their gentle meow is what would be a melody to your ears. This cat loves staying in isolation most of the time but with you around them, they are sure to get excited and joyous. In cases when you leave for a vacation, it is suggested that you hire a pet sitter for your pet kitty who would take care of him in the home environment and would feed them timely.
All the above description explained how special and unique Persians and their looks are. But their looks that are a result to customized breeding have caused a few health issues in them. Issues such as excessive tearing and breathing problem are some such complications. Other than these, a few hereditary issues are of a great concern for petters. Diseases such as PKD (polycystic kidney disease), PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), bladder stones and other bladder infections are some of the potential problem that may arise in Persian cats.
A breeder who claims to sell you a kitty with no disease or guarantees long living cat is either lying or has no knowledge of the breed. One should run away from such breeders as no cat is 100 percent safe from usual cat disease r hereditary issues.
Also, last but not the least, when you bring home a brand new pet kitty, one thing that you must and should take care of is obesity. Since these cats have a habit of sitting all day long inside the home, it is no surprise that they start binging over treats and meals and gain body fat. The solution to this problem is quite simple– take care of their diet and make sure you stick to ideal portion. As far as the tearing problem is concerned, all you have to do is wipe of their tears regularly with a wet cloth.

With no chance of a debate, it can be said that undoubtedly, Persian cats require high maintenance. To ensure an everlasting shine of the long, silky coat, one must ensure a routinely grooming sessions that involve combing their tresses, brushing their teeth (as they are prone to periodontal disease) and bathe.
The cat’s coat usually gets tangled with threads, dust and cloth fibers and that is what ruins the majestic beauty of the long coat. So while you select a Persian kitty for yourself, just remember not to fall for the lighter shades as they tend to get dirty and stained often.
Moreover, you must make it a habit to trim Persians’ nails time to time as they can attack anyone unknowingly in anger.
Now when we have learnt tip to toe about the Persian cat breed, it is quite easy to understand their preferences and adjust the home environment accordingly. Just take care of their coat, diet and hereditary issues and you are all ready to ensure a perfect surrounding for your dearest cat.
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