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Buy a Persian cat in Chennai crafted with marvelous features and extraordinarily silky fur, Persian cats easily win everyone’s hearts. This long-haired breed of cat is adorned with short muzzle that perfectly fits its round face.

Anyone with desire to own a docile cat must add Persians to their list. These cats are polite speaking animals that appreciate love and affection from their owners.

The breeders used selective breeding that led to development of various coat colors that we witness today.  This type of breeding has also resulted in the flat face Persians that we see now. Contact us for Persian cat for sale in Chennai.

Let us learn more about these pretty pets. Starting off with their history, the documents state that Persians’ ancestors were brought to Italy from Iran around the year 1620. In the late 19th century, cat fanciers thought about mixing up the impeccable features of Persians with other cat breed that resulted in Himalayan and Exotic shorthair cat breeds.

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Mykitten offers best quality Persian cat for sale in Chennai. Persian cats are nowadays being known as traditional Persian and doll-face Persian. The Persian cats are very gentle cats that prefer living in a pious environment. Other cat breeds are comparatively active and athletic whereas, Persians love to lounge on the top of a couch, beside a fireplace and at a window on a rainy day.

Persians love the company of children if they play peaceful games with them. The Persian love being a visitor at girls’ casual tea-party games and are always happy to pose for the camera. As a rule, simply ask the kids to treat this feline with the delicate regard.

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The Persian may welcome you with a peaceful whimper after long, busy day and talks with its big glimmering eyes. This cat wouldn’t fret appending alone time, yet it is your presence that will consistently fulfill them.  We are the most trusted cattery who offers best guidance on how to buy a Persian kitten in Chennai.

At the point when you go out traveling, it might be smarter to have a pet sitter come in and care for him in his own natural environmental factors than to board him in an odd spot.

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Persian kitten for sale in Chennai  in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

If you are looking to buy Persian cat online in Chennai near you is the best place to invest your time in.  We bring to you the best quality cats for sale where you can choose from a variety of breeds and get to know deeply about their health, maintenance, color, grooming, etc.


Persian cat for sale available in Chennai .All cat breeds are prone to develop hereditary medical issues, similarly as humans can possibly acquire a specific illness during their lifetime. Breeders who ensure you that their cat variety is free from hereditary issues or illness is either lying or isn’t proficient about the variety.

It is time that you run far away from any such breeder who doesn’t offer a wellbeing certificate that ensures you with healthy little cats, who reveals to you that the breed is 100% solid and has no known issues, or who discloses to you that their cats are separated from the their family because of possible health issues.

Persians have inherited medical problems that can be of great worry. The cats are often prone to polycystic kidney illness (PKD), reformist retinal decay (PRA), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), bladder stones, cystitis (bladder contaminations), and liver shunts. Professional and genuine breeders find a way to stay away from these issues. Contact us for Persian kitten for sale in Chennai.

There’s no doubt in the fact that a Persian kitten demands a lot of maintenance efforts. The coat requires routinely grooming and needs to be prepared every day with a tempered steel brush to eliminate tangles, dirt, threads and dead hair. Finding a trusted cattery in Chennai to buy a Persian cat for yourself is a tough thing, Contact us and we will provide a happy and healthy Persian kitten for sale in Chennai.

Such tangles can be difficult for a feline, and free hair mostly get everywhere on your garments and furniture, so you can see the advantage to investing some of your energy and time in caring for the coat.

Talking about the coat color, a Persian cat can be found in variety of satiny, glossy textures and even with a delicate, cotton-like surface. The downside to the delicate coat is that it tangles all the more and requires extra grooming session.

Other than the just the everyday brushing and combing, the Persian ought to be washed almost every day once a week. Get yourself a fully vaccinated and dewormed kitten for sale in Chennai. Start this training as soon as you buy your little kitty and it will come to anticipate it as a quality time to invest energy in you. Blow the coat dry (utilizing the most reduced warmth setting), brushing as you go.

Due to his pushed-in face, the Persian’s eyes can tend to tear excessively. If you are looking to buy a Persian cat for sale in Chennai checkout our beautiful litter. To forestall revolting recoloring, wash or wipe his face day by day, especially underneath the eyes. Trim the nails regularly, and remember to brush the teeth normally with a vet-affirmed pet toothpaste.

The Persian’s sweet, delicate face goes up to look at its favorite human just like a pansy that turns its face to the sun. The Persian cat speaks with his expressive eyes and his soft, polite voice. The Persian breed is the commonly called out as a lap cat, because of its soothing and undemanding character.

This particular cat breed wants to snuggle, but on the other hand it’s lively and inquisitive. Not a jumper or climber, Persian kitty rather love sitting in serene environment. Persians lean toward a tranquil, unsurprising condition, however they can be very adjusting to uproarious, tumultuous family as long as their needs are perceived and met.  Persian cat for sale available in Chennai at best price with assured quality.

A great number of people picture Persians as a white colored, furred cat in their minds, however the Persian comes in various striking hues and highlights. The long, streaming coat must be combed almost everyday to forestall or eliminate tangles and strands. We deal with the best Persian cat breeders in Chennai,

The Persian needs ordinary showers to look impeccably perfect and sweet-smelling. Take your new cat for washing as soon as you bring it home so it will ideally figure out how to acknowledge it promptly.

The Persians purr-fect personality makes them famous as a laid-back and affectionate breed of cats. Persian cats are recognized all around the world. One would easily choose the Persian cat because of its long haired coat. Although the cats can be very high on maintenance, but their impeccable looks and unique features are worth dying for.

The looks of these cats have no comparison and couldn’t be found in any other breed. These easygoing and affectionate cats ask for ample love and like it when you comb your fingers through their dense fur while enjoying the wet weather.