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There is always a stage in every individual’s life when they feel like owning a companion in the form of a pet. Most of us look for Persian kitten for sale in mumbai to pet as we are already aware of their calm and innocent nature of this breed. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of especially when you are searching for Buy Persian cat for sale in Mumbai. Other than their silent nature and sweet personality, Persian cats have pretty doll face and stout muzzle accompanied by super soft coat.

There are a lot reasons why this kitty is known as the glamorous cat of the pet world. Breeders and cat lovers across the globe prefer Persian kittens over other breeds. Their silky, ling coat being one of the reason, these extreme-looking cats are known for their large eyes paired with doll face. These pets shine bright like a daisy in the sunlight because of the glossy texture of coat.

This ancient cat breed has a clouded history as experts fail to track down the exact past record. Persians were brought from Asia to Italy in the 1500s. From Italy, they were taken to Persia, where it came to be known as the Sand Cat. The cat was named so because it was the only one who lived in desert.

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Now let us have a look at their personality and behavior. Persian cats are mostly calm and aren’t the hot-headed type. They are totally moody and may behave like a kitten irrespective of the time. One moment the cat will be seen relaxing in the sun, the next minute you will find them strangled with a ball of wool. You can even witness them playing around on their own or running around the hall.

Other than their nature, what these kitties crave for is their owners’ attention. They might even follow you all around the house. Their best time pass is to lie beside you while being asleep. They find it amusing to sit in the owner’s lap, besides the fact that they are in the mood to do so.

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This breed is okay with any changes in their routine and is easy to be friends with. Buy Persian cat for sale in mumbai, thane are famous among those who are searching for a companion to their toddlers. Since they are fun to play with and do not throw unnecessary tantrums, Persian kittens easily become friends with guests and visitors.

The main reason why they are loved among fancy cat owners is their looks and physical features. This breed has a stout body with short legs. Their small tail compliments their overall built. Flat face, small ears and shimmery eyes make them an adorable pet. With a lustrous coat on a stout body, Persians are a real beauty.

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Persian kitten for sale in Mumbai, Thane  in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

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When you are actually thinking about petting a Persian cat or are surfing sites that offer Persian cat for sale online in mumbai & thane, you need to be prepared. Though this breed required less maintenance, but there are still some factors you need to pay attention to. These cats require an organized cleaning and grooming routine.

Their long, fluffy coat tends to catch dirt and sand particles, therefore combing is important. Also, these cats are likely to become fat if their diet is not regularized. A daily walk in the park or a stroll in the evening after the meals would keep them in shape. You can make them play fun games like ball chase or catnip attack with you or other pets.

Now when you are well aware of the cat’s traits, behavior and history, you might make up yourmind easily that would help you in a healthy petting. Despite of all these qualities, what Persian cats require is to be treated with utter dignity love. Epitome of royalty, Persian cats appreciate gentle handling and attention.

They might seem inactive and lazy, but are active at mind. If you are looking for a best friend that wishes you with a warm welcome after a tiring day, then Persian breed of cats is the best one for you. Take care of their grooming and nutrition and serve ample respect, and the Persian breed is good to go for rest of your life.

Featuring glamour and elite looks, Persians are loved among pet owners and breeders. Their calm nature and sweet personality is what keeps them in demand continuously. Ignoring the high maintenance factor, Persians will make a good pet for those who love silence.

Persians cats are named as the doll-faced kitties evidently because of their feature rich face. Their flat face is adorned with glimmering eyes and button-like nose. We have the best quality persian kitten for sale in mumbai near you. The adorable face is further complimented with their silky, long coat and speaks royalty.

Reason behind their impeccable beauty and the majestic appeal lays in their origin. The flat face and other unique features are a result of early cross breeding between the Exotic shorthair cat and a Himalayan breed cat. What we see today is the outcome of multiple breeding experiments. Early Persians were first imported to Italy in the year 1620. It was after that when the breeders started working on highlighting their muzzle and improving the head shape.

These cats have flawless, thick coat known for its incomparable softness. The lusciousness of the coat is what fancies people the most. The coat perfectly covers their medium-sized bodies that can weigh up to 7 to 12 pounds.

Persian kitties belong to a sedate breed that prefers staying inside and spend their time resting in serene surrounding. Persians are affectionate in nature but are not much comfortable around strangers or guests. Visit our cattery for persian cat for sale in mumbai thane.

Despite the cuddly bodies and royal looks, Persians require great amount of time to be spent on their grooming and maintenance alone. They are prone to foreign particles and microorganisms. Also, due to breeding and mutations of their face shape, the sides of the eyes tear excessively. This excessive tearing can be controlled by regular wiping with a soft cloth. The tears if not cleaned, tend to leave stains under their eyes. Other than the tearing problem, dental issues are what cause health problems. Regular brushing is what every breeder and vet recommends for the Persian breed. This would help keep away periodontal disease at bay.