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Persian is known to be a dignified and docile pet that remains quiet and sweet. Known to be an ornament to your homes, these cats enjoy resting in your lap and will find a rightful place for her. These cats best petted by those people who can recognize their distinct qualities, love to play inside the house with children who will rub their bellies and comb the fur, then pretend play a tea party with them.

Usually affectionate, Persians can be discriminating at times. They only serve their attention to close family members and sometimes guests whom they think as trustworthy ones. Checkout our cute Persian cat for sale in Delhi NCR.

The glamorous and fluffy Persians have a beautiful and flowing coat that needs to be comb regularly as it tends to catch dirt and thread trims. Although these cats need high maintenance and look heavenly in the daylight, but are prone to various diseases that need to be taken care off.

The round head is the highlight with a thick ruff and tiny ears. The flat nose and big brown eyes look gorgeous when they stare at you with love. This doll-faced breed shows sweet expressions is an epitome of a lap cat. With its undemanding nature and melodious voice, these cats are sure to become your favourite. If you are hunting a Persian cat for sale in Delhi, then take care of the traits, personality, disease and vaccines.

Our Happy Persian Cat Parent

These adorable pets are an outcome of a crossbreeding among the Exotic Shorthair and the Himalayan variety. They were then brought to Italy by the cat fanciers and loved among the rich. The Persian cats come with a naturally-contoured face adorned with the stout muzzle. Now discussing the bodies of the Persians, we should not forget about the smooth and silky fur. Their impressive coat is thick enough to complement the majestic appeal of theirs. India’s only place to get vaccinated persian kitten for sale in delhi, noida, gurgaon, faridabad.

Generally, people think of the Persians as small white cats. Most of them are not aware of the variety of Persian cats available. These cats can range from striking patterns to earthy shades that are sure to be loved by everyone out there.

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The Persians need to be combed daily as the fur tangles with the rug threads. With a regular bath and an organized schedule of dental care, the Persian cats easily keep up with the ongoing glamorous look. When looking for a Persian kitten for sale in Delhi Noida Gurgaon, make sure you have a bathing routine ready as soon as you get one.

The Persian cats are gentle and reciprocate sweetly to all your calls. The cats love spending their time in a comfortable home, preferably in your lap near a window. The Persian breed readily accepts children and might find it fun to play with them if appropriately treated. Other than the family members, Persians may find a friend in your frequent visitor or guest. They greet you with a lovely meow and may follow you everywhere you go, even the bathroom!

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Persian kitten for sale online in Delhi NCR in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

If you are looking to buy Persian cat online in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida is the best place to invest your time in.  We bring to you the best quality cats for sale where you can choose from a variety of breeds and get to know deeply about their health, maintenance, color, grooming, etc.

These little love bombs are prone to carry genetic health issues. Some of the most common diseases that these kittens may catch are polycystic kidney disease (PKD), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), bladder stones, cystitis (bladder infections), and liver shunts.

A regular appointment with the vet and pre-scheduled vaccine punches are what would help keep the cats’ health in place and keep other issues at bay. To keep persian cats healthy and fit, you need to take care of the normal breathes and tears. The flat-faced ones found to be sensitive to heat, that’s what calls for an air-conditioned home environment for them.

Also, keep track of your cat’s weight as obesity is the common one among them. When looking to buy cats online in delhi, keep in mind that these little love bombs are prone to carry. We work with best persian cat breeder in Delhi NCR, checkout our cute persian cat kitten for sale in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon. A fat cat would do nothing but laze around the house and stuff herself up endlessly. A controlled diet, trimmed nails and clean teeth will help your cat look a royalty as always.

With the distinctive appearance and doll face, the Persian kitties are sure to win everybody’s heart and become a favourite in no time. Never forget to treat the cat with dignity. Contact us for best Persian cat price in delhi, vaccinated persian cat for sale available. This breed wants to be rewarded and is a gentle lap cat you like being petted by the owners. Persians prove to be the best fit for a friend who returns love in exchange for endless adoration.