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Often known as the lazy man’s Persian, Exotic shorthair cat breed is one of its kind. This breed has adopted the Persian’s doll face but has shorter body structure. Soft, plush coat is easy to care but reflects of royalty in appearance. These active cats are more of a lap cat but can follow you around the house all the time.

The Exotics are easygoing and are full of compassion for their owners. Male exotics are more loving and sweet whereas females behave independently but are equivalently loyal and devoted to their owners.

When bored, Exotic shorthair cats love to play with a toy fishing rod and would prefer playing with bits of paper. You can also bring them puzzle toys that makes them feel joyful and excited.

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These peaceful ad endearing creatures will prove to be the best companion one can ever have. Also, this cat breed love to hang out mostly with their owner and would follow them quietly wherever they go.

Available in large variety of coat shades and patterns, Exotics’ coat comes with a plush undercoat. This majestic coat when combined with their unique features and doll-like face categorize them among one of the most demanded cat breed.

Our Happy Exotic Shorthair Parent

The Exotics are the essence of Persian cat breed as they initially originated in the United Statesin the early 1960s. Actually, this breed is the result of deliberate cross breeding of American shorthair and Persians.

These friendly yet lazy cats are adventurous by nature and love to explore things never seen before. When in the mood, Exotic shorthair would often jump over the toys and would easily trick the puzzled games.

The luxurious coat is silky and lustrous but requires least care. The dense coat needs almost no maintenance and a frequent combing would make up the best grooming session. Not to forget the regular brushing, that may prevent periodontal disease that these cats are prone to.

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While looking for Exotic shorthair kittens for sale in Pune, it is recommended that you go for Here you will find a wide encyclopedia of almost every other cat breed in demand. In a breezy yet busy city like Pune, finding a buddy for yourself will not be a cake walk. Here are some questions that might come to ones’ mind while going for an Exotic Shorthair kitten. Read on to get your doubts clear so that you make the best decision of getting a companion for yourself.

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For those looking for a loyal companionship, the round-faced Exotic shorthair cats can be the best choice. Glimmering big eyes and a silky soft coat make them a perfect pet after you come after a long day of work. Considered as a cute pet, exotic breed licks you with love and rests in your lap for hours. One can easily feel adored with such a charming looking kitty pet waiting at your feet ready to shoe affection.

Surviving in the bustling city like Pune, it sometimes becomes difficult to have a positive state of mind. It is sure to lower your stress level with a lovable and adorable pet with caring nature and bring in positivity in your life and will refresh your soul. These cute balls of fur are sure to make your day and are known to keep one entertained. So, if you are in search of peace of mind and are in urgent need of a companion who always stays by your side, Exotic shorthair cats are the perfect choice.

Exotic Shorthair cat breed is expensive just like its other friends because of the unique crossbred story behind their birth. If you are on a cat shopping, and are looking for an exotic shorthair, it is essential that you to flex your budget to almost about 65000 Indian rupees. In some cases, this price tag can go up as high as rupees 80,000 especially if you ask for additional features in your pet.

But if, you are unable to get a pet for such a huge amount of money, you can always go for Exotic Shorthair adoption. A fully grown up and already petted Exotic Shorthair cat will not cost you more than 75,000 rupees. Yu can easily set your pocket limit to 10,000 rupees to 15,000 rupees, and get yourself a cute little pet.

This being the most asked question among to-be owners is the most common one to answer. Among range of differences, the one that you’ll hear the most is the difference between their fur. Exotic shorthair breed are born with shorter fur in comparison to Persians who have long coat with a dense fur. This evident difference in the fur and the coat has an impact on the amount of effort needed in the grooming session. Exotic shorthair cats need way less amount of maintenance for the coat than the Persian breed.

The Persians and the Exotics both the cats do not share the traits when it comes to their activeness. Exotics come with great activeness and are more proactive in comparison to the Persian counterparts. This can be mainly because Exotics have Persian ancestors who were crossbred with

Persian cat breed is very chirpy and are vocal whereas, the Exotic cats are more of a timid and quieter cats. One can hear a continuous Persian meow all day long. On the other hand, the exotic cat would not speak a lot to anyone with no purpose.

Talking about the body structure and type, Exotic shorthair cats are stout and weigh more than the Persians. Usually a male shorthair grows to a maximum weight of 5 to 7 kgs.

After considering all the above mentioned differences, one can easily make their choice between the Persian cat and the Exotic shorthair. For those looking to buy an exotic shorthair for sale and prefer the one that requires minimum or no maintenance, it is sure that they would be proud to their choice.

Although furry, but the coat of Exotic Shorthairs is very short in length. With variety of color choice available in the furred Exotic Shorthair coat, anyone can get easily you are sure to get confused among all of them. The shorthair cats are red with amazing shades such as brilliant copper shade, sparkling silver and impeccable highlights, extra soft textured chinchilla silver and snow-like white color that would make you name them snowflake. Not only this, these coat colors look adorable because of the dark hued point details and attractive striped patterns.