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Flat nose, cute face and lively personality are the main ingredients of an Exotic Shorthair cat for sale in mumbai breed.  The laid-back yet playful cat breed, Exotic shorthair is a fun pet one can have. The large bones and plumpy face is what makes them different from the others. The exotics have quite large head in square shape that perfectly couples with its flat face.

Being the successors of the famous Persian cats, exotics have features resembling them. From behavior to face shape to personality, both of these cat breeds have a lot in common. Exotic shorthair kitten for sale in mumbai have a playful nature and love being entertained with toys and games. They may even accompany you to the kitchen and follow you all around the house when you return from long day at work.

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Talking about following nature, exotic shorthair cat breed are known to have a hobby of walking behind their owners even to the bathroom. Their way of showing affection is by cuddling around you and licking you. When it comes to judging the personality, it is quite noticeable that they have the most laidback behaviour, are very loyal, affectionate and have an incomparable sweet nature that resembles just that of a Persian kitty. This resemblance has its explanation in their history and place of origin. So, read on to know more about the history and place of origin.

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During the 1850s, after observing the growing demand for Persians, the American Shorthair breeders got very attracted and thought about mixing Persian cats and the American Shorthair. The main aim behind cross breeding both the breeds was to obtain a pet cat which had perfect body structure and was covered in silver shade as that of a Persians’ cat; all into an American shorthair kitten.  The cross breeding also led to the growth in body weight of an American shorthair cat. Also, the cat’s nose became stouter and head began to grow rounder. Such changes were initially horrifying for the breeders whereas the American breeders were happy with it and even tried doing further hybridization in the future.

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Exotics shorthair would have lost their fancy but thanks to CFA judge Jane Martinke, who made the required efforts for the acceptation of Exotic Shorthair for the championship status of CFA in 1967. After this, the CFA breeders were permitted to categorize their Persian hybrids of American Shorthair as Exotic shorthairs. With growing popularity and enlargement of gene pool, the CFA limited the outcrosses.

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The Exotic cat’s heavy body is adorned by thick furry coat with a round head and stout legs. The front legs are muscular whereas hind legs are simply straight. Their paws are large, round and firm and support their tightly closed toes. The exotics have a short tail in comparison to their body’s length. Their cuddly body structure has a good muscle tone with no chance of obesity. These adorable kitties have a long, thick coat that shines beautifully in the daylight.

Just like the Persians, Exotics have a docile nature; they are generally sweet and have a polite voice.  Some people consider an exotic cat as a home decoration. It because of their shiny coat that people are attracted to them as their silky coat adds a luxurious touch to the abode.  Other chilling in the lap and being petted, an exotic kitty loves to play.

Many owners and breeders believe that Exotic Shorthair are not very costly and come with less grooming expenses. The price of Exotic Shorthair on cats ranges from 60,000 to 80,000 INR including delivery. If that exceeds your budget and makes you drop the idea of owning a cat, then you must go for the adoption option.

Exotic cats are known to be comparatively active curious unlike the Persians who just prefer to laze around. A family which participates in lots of activities is a perfect fit for this particular cat breed.  However, male exotics are believed to be sweeter and have an affectionate nature in comparison to the females.

One of the favorite hobbies of an exotic is to continuously bat at their toys and can keep themselves busy for hours. They faithfully follow their family members and always welcome any possible bit of attention. Exotics don’t generally speak but when they do, you get to hear a very soft and subtle voice pleasant to the ears. All in all, what an exotic needs is adequate meals, regular playtime, a feather to tease and endless love, which they return in increased amounts.

Lets know some health related facts about Exotic Shorthair cat breed.

The mixed breed cats as well as pedigreed ones are vulnerable to numerous genetic health problems. Despite being beautiful and having a pretty looking face, Exotics are quite prone to health issues.  Here are some common diseases that an exotic might catch:

  • Sensitivity towards heat
  • Excessive tearing in the eye
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dental malocclusions

And many others…

An exotic cat is usually known by the name “the lazy man’s Persian”. They are named so because of the reason that they require least care and grooming despite their looks resembling Persian cat. Comb their coat twice a week and it will keep the dead hair away.

Also, excessive tearing in the eye is the main problem for this cat breed. So, wiping off the tears from the corners of the eyes daily would keep their eyes healthy.  Brush their teeth regularly to avoid common periodontal disease and maintain their dental health.

So, now when you have learnt every aspect of an exotic cat thoroughly, it is the right time for you to get one for yourself. Exotic cats are adorable and can fit in very well in homes with children. When showered with love and affection, these cats are the best pet in the world.