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Buy Exotic Shorthair Cat For Sale in Delhi NCR

Heavily boned and sweet face shape, Exotic shorthair cat breed is sure to become your personal favorite in no time. If you are on a hunt to buy Exotic shorthair kittens for sale in Delhi, then you should head straight to the MyKitten’s encyclopedia of all cat types. Here, you will gain a complete knowledge about the almost all the cat breeds available across the continent. From Persian to Siamese to Exotic shorthair kittens, you will surely know about every inch and pound of the cat of every breed.

Talking about the Exotic shorthair cat, it is essential to give priority to their personality as it is the most striking feature in them.  Exotics have a playful personality and enjoy playing games with you. They actively take part in playing and assist you in the kitchen while you perform daily chores.

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Exotic shorthair cat breed love following their owners and occasionally follow them to their room. They show their affection by cuddling you and licking you. While judging their personality, it should be noted that they share most of their behavioral skills with those of the Persian cat breed. Their laidback, loyal, affectionate and sweet nature resembles that of the Persian kitties. The reason for this resemblance lays in their history and origination. Let us know about the history and place of their origin.

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In the 1850s, noticing the growing popularity of the Persians, the breeders of the America shorthair were attracted and began mixing the Persian cats with the American Shorthair. The cross bred both the breeds to obtain one with improved body structure and the infusing silver shade of the Persians into the American shorthair.  This cross breeding led to the growth in heaviness of the American shorthair, their nose became shorter and head started growing rounder. These changes started horrifying the breeders and opposed the Americans who ever tried practicing hybridization in the future.

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Exotics shorthair would have lost their fancy but thanks to CFA judge Jane Martinke, who made the required efforts for the acceptation of Exotic Shorthair for the championship status of CFA in 1967. After this, the CFA breeders were permitted to categorize their Persian hybrids of American Shorthair as Exotic shorthairs. With growing popularity and enlargement of gene pool, the CFA limited the outcrosses.

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Know for their round face and glimmering big eyes, Exotic Shorthairs make a perfect pet for those in need of a loyal companion. Imagine returning home after a long tiring day, and a cute cuddly pet waiting for you who licks you with love. It is obvious to feel loved when a cute looking creature is waiting for you and shows affection.

Living in a busy city like Delhi, it is difficult to maintain a positive state of mind. Having a loving companion causes a lot of positivity to your mind and soul and keeps you away from the stress. These furry balls of joy ill make your day and will keep you entertained. So, if you are finding peace of mind and need a friend who stays close to you then Exotic shorthair cats are there for you.

The Exotic’s heavy body is supported by thick furry coat with a round head and short legs. The forelegs are straight and strong whereas hind legs are straight. Their large paws are round and firm supporting the close carried toes. Their tail is usually short in proportion to the body’s length. The cobby body structure comes with a good muscle tone with least signs of obesity. These cuddly cats have a long thick coat which shines bright in the daylight.

Let us answer some questions that a ‘to-be’ cat owner must have.

Just like its counterparts, Exotic Shorthair price are expensive because they are specially crossbred breed. While going for a cat shopping, and opting for an exotic shorthair requires you to stretch your pocket’s limit to maximum of 65000 Indian rupees. This limit can go as high as 80,000 rupees in some cases where you ask for special features in a specific pet.

If you are somehow unable to spend this much money, you can opt for Exotic Shorthair adoption a cat. Grown up Exotic Shorthair cats can be obtained at reasonable prices. Within a range of 60,000 rupees to 80,000 rupees, you can get a cute little pet for you.

Among various differences, the most common one is the fur of both the kitties, Exotic shorthair have shorter fur whereas Persians have a long furred coat. This difference in coat affects the effort in grooming session. Exotic shorthair requires lesser maintenance for its coat in comparison to the Persian breed.

Other than the coat, both the cats differ in the terms of proactivity. Exotics are more active than their Persian counterparts. This is mainly because of the fact that Exotics share some of their traits with the American shorthair.

Persian cat breed is quite vocal when compared to the quieter Exotic cats. One can hear the Persians meows all day long whereas the exotics would hardly speak to their owners. In terms of body shape and type, Exotic shorthair weighs averagely more than the Persian cats. A male shorthair usually grows enough to weigh from 5 to 7 kgs of weight.

After looking at all the differences between the Persian cat and the Exotic shorthair, you can easily figure out the best one for you. If you are looking for exotic shorthair for sale that requires less maintenance, then you are sure to like the Exotic whereas, if you are fond of cats that are vocal and talk non-stop, then you must go for the Persian.

The coat of Exotic Shorthair cats is short. But once you find out the variety of colors of Exotic Shorthair coat, you are sure to get confused among which one to choose. The shorthairs can be found in brilliant copper shade, mesmerizing silver and golden divisions, smooth textured chinchilla silver as well as pure white color that looks like snow. These coat colors are adorned and highlighted by dark hued points and striped patterns.