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Always appreciated for their impeccable appearance, Exotic shorthair cats are known as the close relatives of Persian cats. Actually, the exotics were actually bred as the alternatives to the furry Persians. The grooming time and effort required by a Persian cat is a lot whereas the Exotic cat breed come with a less complicated fur fiber.

The wide-eyed cats have small ears that match perfectly with their squared head and flat face. What makes it stand out of the rest is the plush coat that shines like silk in the daylight. This coat can be obtained in wide variety of colors and patterns. The thick undercoat supports the layered coat and offers volume to it. At once, anyone can mistake the Exotics for a soft toy because of their doll-like face and soft coat.

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Exotic Shorthair breed has a body that resembles that of a Persian and British Shorthair that is, its ancestors which have broad bodies, short yet thick legs. They have large-sized paws and short tails that make them one of their kind. The head is big in size and is complimented by large, round eyes, tiny ears and short nose.

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With a fat body and short legs, thick necks, and big heads, the Exotic Shorthair cat looks chubby. The Exotic shorthair breed can weigh up to 15 pounds, but the actual weight is mainly due to the heaviness of bones. Although they have a vocal nature and are chirp, the exotics are shy to strangers during their initial meetings. They also have an extraordinarily dense coat which uncommon among lot of cat breeds.

Exotics shorthair cat breed would have not been lost their attractive looks if the efforts were not made by CFA judge Jane Martinke, who made sure that Exotic Shorthair was accepted in 1967for the CFA. After the acceptance, the CFA breeders were allowed to call their hybrids of Persian cats and American Shorthair as Exotic shorthair cats.

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If you are on a hunt for the best pet who could give you company after a long day of work, then you must add Exotic shorthair to your list. These cute-looking , furry animals offer ample love and affection at all times to their owner.

Let us find answers to some commonly asked questions striking almost everyone’s mind before they go for owning a cat especially Exotic Shorthair.

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Pretty-looking, docile and cute, Exotic Shorthairs are known for their gleaming eyes and that is why they make a perfect pet cat for cat lovers who wish for a loyal companion. Imagine a day when you come back to home at the end of a long tiring day at work, and see an adorable furry kitty waiting for you at the doorstep ready to shower you with ample love. You are sure to feel extremely loved in such a situation where a lovely animal is waiting for you with great amount of affection.

If you reside amid the bustling of the busy city like Bangalore, it becomes quite difficult to have a peaceful state of mind. Owning a caring companion or pet brings out the positivity in you and rests your mind and soul; keeps you far away from the fatigue and stress. Exotics or what people cal them, furry balls of joy, will surely make your day special and relieved while keeping you entertained. So, if you are in search for utmost peace and caring friend, then Exotic shorthair cats are the best choice one can have.

Similar to its counterparts, Exotic Shorthair price is usually on the higher side mainly because of them being a crossbred breed. When you are shopping for cats, and like the idea of opting an exotic shorthair, it is required that you to extend stretch your budget limit to as high as 65000 Indian rupees. Also, this limit can at times be as high as 80,000 rupees at instances where you demand unique features in your pet kitty.

In case you are not able to manage this much amount of money, then you can always go for Exotic Shorthair adoption. A fully grown Exotic Shorthair cats can be owned at very reasonable price range. Because of adoption, you can avail a cute pet for you within the affordable price range of 70,000 rupees to 80,000 rupees.

With numerous differences in the looks and other features, Persians are very distinct from the Exotic shorthair. Although both of these kitties appear to be exactly same at first, but both have variety of differences in terms of appearance, birth, fur texture, and other specifics.

Persians are the ancestors to Exotics and that is why they share some traits when it comes to coat. But, Persian cats have long and furry coat in comparison to the Exotics who come with short haired fur but share similar texture. However, the Exotic’s coat requires very less grooming time and maintenance when compared to Persian cat.

Not just the coat, both the cat breeds differ a lot when talking about proactivity. Exotic cat breed is comparatively more active whereas its Persian counterpart is bit lazier and laid back. This can be because the Exotics inherit their behavior from the American shorthair which is believed to be very active.

Persian cats are quite talkative and extremely vocal in comparison to the quiet Exotic cats. Persians can be heard meowing all day long, on the other hand, the exotics would not even interact much when not needed. Talking about body structure and type, Exotic shorthair cats weighs comparatively more than the Persian cat breed. Also, as a matter of fact, a male shorthair cat usually grows big enough and can weigh from 5 to 7 kgs

Now when you have come across all the differences that Persian cat and the Exotic shorthair has, you can select which one’s best one for you. If you are on a hunt for exotic shorthair for sale especially the one that needs low maintenance, then the Exotic is the one to go for. Whereas, if you are fond of vocal and talkative cat breed, then you Persians will e the wise choice.

The short lengthed coat of an Exotic Shorthair cat looks precious because of its shiny texture. Many people are unaware of the variants of coat colors of Exotics. And you are sure to get amazed by the earthy shades and beautiful tints of the cat’s coat. The vast variety will surely leave you confused while deciding which one to choose. The Exotic shorthairs look brilliant in the copper shade, extremely mesmerizing in silver and golden highlights, and amazingly gorgeous in the extra silky chinchilla silver also the pure white color mixes them up with snow. Not to forget, the above mentioned coat colors look immensely adorable when combined with dark hued highlights and extraordinary striped patterns.