why do cats hate water

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Why Do Cats Hate Water So Much?

Many of us believe cats hate water. Is it true? and if they do? What can be the reason behind it? Not every cat behaves the same way. Some even like to swim and play with it. To know the answer, we have to experience a cat’s preferences.

Try to relate when your cat is dipping her paw into the water bowl and shaking it out instead of leaking it, as usual, another example can be when the kitchen faucet is slightly on notice your kitty’s reaction to the dripping of water. Cats, like any other being, have their terms for their lives.

But this may contradict the whole story.

1. Cat Behaviour

We have found many reasons for this; one can be ‘yourself,’ maybe your timing and thinking of bathing your cat may not be the same and match with your cat, which may be, in turn, never help in the process of changing your cat’s mind. Relate to how your cat behaves with you most of the time as we believe cats are very independent and do not like surprises.

So when you grab them and force them to take a bath, they do react the same way any other being would respond and try to snatch their way out and escape because they are agitated and frightened by the process.

2. Different Types of Cat Coat

The question is why do cats not like water? The second reason is generally their coat. Cat hair has the tendency to resist water at some point and beyond that is definitely completely wet. The whole meaning of it is that a thick coat cat likes her coat furry and cleaned, but when it is drenched it is heavy and which makes them slow. Cat’s are swift animals, and this results in a long wait for their coat to get completely dry, which makes them feel very dissatisfied with this situation every time you bathe them without their wish.

Cats are Warm Blooded Animals

The third reason is cats are known as warm-blooded animals and maintain a higher body temperature than humans, so while bathing, their body temperature drops below 96°F (35.5C), and thus when you can see them shaking and freezing even after using normal temperature water. When covered with wet fur, it can be very cold for them.

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Cats who hate water could be due to their dirty coat, you force your kitty to have a bath and result in hypothermia, which is, of course, a bad situation to control.

4. Different Breeds Have Different Interests

The fourth reason is most cats are unknown to this world of all the three parts as water and only one piece with the land. When investigating the cats with areas near water, it was found that they like water very much and spend most of the time in the water, such as the breeds Bengal tiger, Maine Coon, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Savannah, Abyssinian, Snowshoe, Manx. So there is no point in asking why do cats hate water so much. Their primary food fetish has fish near the lakes; they would sit for hours and wait for their meal.

5. Sense of Odor

The last reason is that cats have a powerful sense of odor and can smell everything, just like dogs. Some cats don’t like the smell of water or precisely tap water. Most of them don’t prefer drinking the same tap water because of their sensitivity to its odor.

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