Travelling to new destinations and exploring beauties of nature is a part of human life. But at the same time we love keeping our dear ones close to us. So, now when you have planned to take your fluffy friend along with you, then there’s a complete guide on what things to consider while taking them along.

While travelling, what I concluded was that cats are not comfortable with travelling. They get stressed in a changed environment. Cats love a routines life and feel secure at home. But if, you are not left with any option other than to take them along for travel, then you must do your complete homework to keep your friend happy while being on the go.

Prep up for the travel

Before packing and making travel arrangements, you must visit your veterinarian and keep a check on all the medical stats and vaccines. Also, ask your vet to provide a medical certification that proves your feline to be fit for travel.

Also, look for a vet around your destination so that the cat gets the needed medic in time. Or, you can simply ask your vet to refer a known doctor in that area.

While Travelling….

Making your pet comfortable should be your initial goal. Ensure safety and comfort of your cat. You might think about placing some non-slip pad on the carrier. Also, secure the carriage with a safety belt.

Pre-schedule some stopover places where you can hydrate your cat or use the litter. It will be good to keep a disposable litter handy.

Make sure your cat stays in place and does not roam around. These jumpy partners may pounce anywhere leading to accidents. For keeping them in their carriage, it would be a great idea to keep them feeding every four to five hours’ interval. You can even bring balls or toys to keep them busy.

Medication is a must

If you are not a pet owner yet and are eager to own one, I would personally recommend you to buy cats online from They provide the best guide about your cats and the suitable medications.

It is recommended that you are ready with tranquilizers and sedatives to be ready for the moments when your cats get stressed out due to traveling. The anti-nausea medicines are very effective when it comes to treatment of motion sickness in cats. You can even opt for pheromones as it would make your kitten feel secure and safe.

When you are finally there!

Once you are at the dreamy destination, just give a check to your cat’s mental state. Take care that the kitten does not feel stressed out or kinky. Leave them alone for some time in a quiet place. You can even try to place some things around them that would make them feel like home. Try scattering their toys or anything stuff with their scent.  When the journey ends, don’t forget to reward them!

At the hotel…

First and foremost, be aware of making a comfy accommodation for the pet. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your vacation searching for the best rooms in town. As you get the perfect one, don’t forget to inspect it and check for spider webs, mouse holes or worms. These precise inspections will ensure a cat-friendly surrounding.

Also, try to make a snuggly bed for your cat, I would recommend to bring some bedding stuff from home as it would make it very easy for the cat to adjust.

When I stayed with my Persian cat in Bangalore, initially I had to face a lot of problems. My cat would cry and throw up. Going through all the experiences and considering all the factors that affected his health while on a journey, helped me get a good knowledge of what cats like and dislike on a trip.

  1. Introduction: Discuss why many pet owners prefer to travel with their cats and why it’s important to plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines.

  2. Air Travel with Cats:

  • Documentation requirements: Discuss the necessary documentation such as health certificates and vaccination records required by airlines.
  • Airline policies: Discuss the different policies of international and domestic airlines regarding travel with pets.
  • Tips for a stress-free journey: Provide tips for making the air travel experience less stressful for both the owner and the cat, such as choosing a pet-friendly airline, selecting the right carrier, and acclimatizing the cat to the carrier ahead of time.
  1. Train Travel with Cats in India:
  • Guidelines: Discuss the guidelines for train travel with pets in India, including the availability of pet-friendly trains and the need for a pet reservation.
  • Preparation tips: Provide tips for preparing for train travel with cats, such as choosing the right carrier, ensuring that the cat is well-fed and hydrated, and providing plenty of entertainment during the journey.
  1. Common Behavior Issues During Travel: Discuss common behavioral issues that can arise during travel with cats, such as anxiety and stress, and provide tips for how to deal with them.

  2. Conclusion: Summarize the key points of the blog post and reiterate the importance of planning ahead and familiarizing yourself with the rules and guidelines for air and train travel with cats.


All the enlisted practices and preparations will make a safer and convenient environment while you take them out on a vacation or to the other part of the country. Just stay prepared for the things to go awry. There can be instances when your cat won’t stop crying, throw up, or get constipated. Be ready with the hand towels and other cleaning supplies in case of potty accidents. At the end of the day, it’s a learning process and once you have achieved a safe journey, you’ll get better knowledge of it. Bon voyage!

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