How to take Care of Persian Cats At Home

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How to take Care of Persian Cats At Home- 3 Ways

Congratulations on your new feline friend! Once you buy a Persian cat – Now its time to giving good training to your Persian cat. MyKitten will help you on your journey to on how to train your kitten to your new home.


Always keep in mind – It takes 3 weeks to create a habit, and 3 weeks to break a habit. Once you buy a cat please be patient.

First Week after you Rehome a Persian

Once you buy a cat Never yell or fuss. Cats are small babies and they tend not to come close to you if they don’t feel loved.

The best way is to spoil them as normal human babies. Love them with all your heart and only this way they can find a friend in you.

Second Week after you Rehome a Persian

Once you buy a cat then during the first few weeks of your new Persian cat is in your home make sure to have a baby talk and pamper with baby toys and love.

Try having a sweet conversation with your Persian cat. Doing this will encourage to form a bond with you.


Third Week after you Rehome a Persian

Once you buy a cat make sure to take your cat to every room in the house to explore and show him where his new stuff is like the food and water bowl, litter tray, scratching post.

Also gently rub his paws in the litter tray to show him how to use it. Make sure the litter tray area is private and not closed out by a door otherwise you might have potty issues later.

After you buy a cat some cats feel the need to jump down when you hold them as they are not used to this. That is okay.

Gently let the kitten down and repeat this 3-4 times -this will help the cat to get comfortable with you and your smell.

Before you adopt or buy a kitten, what to look into

  • The best way to buy a cat is to know if you are purchasing a healthy cat from a reputable Persian breeder is by getting to know the breeder.
  • There are many backyard breeders who force breed. Always look for professional breeders who have knowledge of how to breed Persian cats.
  • Such kittens have small fur length and might end up not well-bred. When you buy a cat always ask for parents pictures- this way you will get a fair idea about the breed and type.
  • There are many fraud Persian cat breeders in India who breed Indian breed with Persian Cats to increase the litter size.

Please note that the cat will stay with you for its entire lifetime – hence purchase a healthy one.

Nowadays there are a lot of breeders who force breed and keep the breeding queen in the cat cycle for as long as 6 years.

By doing this the breeding queen itself is very weak to breed and if bred the cats will be malnourished. Rule of thumb is to be confident in the breeder from where you buy a Persian cat

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