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Know if Your Cat is Sick

Cats have a laid-back nature, they usually do not express their feelings which can make it tough for the pet owners to tell if their cat isn’t feeling well. By the time an owner realizes her cat is sick, the cat is actually very sick. Here are some clues you should look for.

Is My Cat is Acting Differently?

Look for their uncommon behaviors, sick cats often lie quietly in a hunched position. They stop grooming themselves, they may purr due to extreme pain which anyone can confuse with their happiness. Sometimes cats sleep with their head raised as they have difficulty breathing while sleeping due to respiratory problems. Cats with neurological problems may be confused, have seizures, or prolong press their heads into furniture or walls, it may be due to headaches that be unbearable for them.

Less bodily Movements:

Don’t confuse your cat’s health with old age cats as old cats ignore to do activities due to arthritis and other age-related problems. Notice if your cat has recently changed her activities and not jumping up on the counters or running around after her fav toys like she usually does, she may be experiencing joint problems.

Changes in Grooming Habits:

Look for signs of excessive itching or licking in addition to shedding or hair loss. Notice if your cat has suddenly stopped grooming, as poor grooming habits can indicate systemic diseases. The dry, old, or lustreless coat can be a clear sign of some larger issues.

Unusual Bowel Movements:

You can detect diseases with respect to your cat’s stools, large or more frequent stools can be a sign of an internal disease, bloody stools are to be addressed immediately to the vet for proper treatment and care.

Change in Behavior:

There are behavioral changes in cats with hyperthyroidism, systemic changes like over revelry may one of the signs whereas over fearful and any major change in the behavior may also be a sign of concern.

Increased Hairballs or Vomit:

Vomiting along with hairballs is a common symptom of heartworms, these are some serious issues and can be life-threatening same as with fleas. Else, vomiting alone can also be a gastrointestinal problem and must be treated.

Why My Cat isn’t Eating?

Change in appetite or drinking less water can be the biggest indications of infections or liver disease. If you notice your cat is losing weight instead of eating well, you need to take this seriously and consult our best veterinarian as this may be a sign of early diabetes and also can be hyperthyroidism or even cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some other serious conditions

Cats and kitten living with other cats or animals are prone to ear mites, But if your cat is a total domestic one and also having ear mites, then it must be treated asap. Bring her to our veterinarian for an examination and prescription of an appropriate treatment rather than purchasing a store-bought treatment. Always Remember cats should only be given cat-specific flea and tick prevention treatments as dog-formulated medication can make a cat sick.

When To Visit the Professionals?

Look carefully for the above-mentioned signs and if your cat exhibits any one of those, you better hurry, as you never know from when your cat is covering her emotions of suffering from any such diseases.

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