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How To Check Cat For Worms?

How do you know if your cat is having worms!! By knowing their signs you will be able to take precautionary measures for the future. In this blog, we will try to show all the variants of worms that your kittens might face and how to check cats for worms. Once you pick which type of worm, you are dealing with, you can get your cat treated right away.

Worms in cats are, like enemies to your cat’s health. They are intestinal parasites and can be found living in the digestive tract of your cat’s body.

They can link themselves with the lining of the intestine and parts of it and can extract all the vital nutrition. Once you buy a cat, you have to be sure of its health.

How To Check Cat For Worms

The main types of worms that infect the causes are:

1. Tapeworms

Tapeworms in cats are flat in appearance and can vary in size from less than an inch to two and a half yards.

2. Roundworms

Roundworms in cats are thin, pretty long, and disgusting to look at. These intestinal parasites resemble a piece of spaghetti and are the most common type of worms found in most pets.

3. Hookworms

These worms have an appearance of a hook, so they are named after the hooks. These worms have hook-like teeth they use to attach themselves to the lining of your cat’s intestinal walls. These parasites extract blood and other nutrients and, causing diarrhea and anemia.

Symptoms of Worm Infestation to Your Cat’s Body

According to our profession, the sigs may vary according to the capability of the body antibodies, but they can include:

  • Diarrhea (containing worms and worms segments)
  • vomiting
  • Dehydration and loss of appetite
  • Anemia and pale gums
  • Abdominal enlargement
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Constipation
  • Black-tarry stools
  • Rough-looking coat


There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind after you buy a cat. If your cat is not treated at the right amount of time, the infestation of the worms will continue until the immunity is compromised.

And in cases of a low immune system, the body becomes prone to other diseases and loses the chance to fight off, ultimately resulting in the decline of your cat’s health.

Diagnosing the issue related to your kitty requires examination of a fresh stool sample. With the help of some lab machines, the sample is tested, and the concerned parasite is found.


After an appropriate diagnosis and the type of worm are identified, a type of dwarfing medicine will be given to act against the worms inside the intestine.

Multiple infestations at the same time have been seen in many cases inside a cat’s body, so a proper diagnosis is essential for ridding your pet of these parasites.

If you have multiple cats, there are chances of all the cats getting infected at the same or different times, based on their reaction to the body, especially if they are sharing the same litter box. We hope you got the idea on how to check cats for worms

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How Cats Get Infected by the Worms?

  • Playing in the same soil with the worms
  • Ingesting the plants in the soil contaminated with the parasite.
  • Open with the excreta of an infected animal.
  • Ingesting fleas with the parasite
  • Nursing by a mother contaminated with the worm.
  • Eating contaminated prey such as mice and birds


  • Do not allow your cat to play in the mud and soil.
  • Keep out the stray cats of your cat’s reach.
  • Maintain the grooming by our professionals.

Make sure you get a routine checkup of your kitty to bring a difference in the quality of life from the start. We hope now you got the idea on how to check cats for worms

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