How To Handle Your Cat’s Biting And Scratching

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How To Handle Your Cat’s Biting And Scratching!!

Cats display various types of behavior but two of them are their specific play behaviors: solitary play and social play.  The first is directed towards their toys, paper boxes, etc and social play is towards fellow humans or other cats and animals.

The problems occur during the social play behaviors and during such plays, your cat can cause injury to the fellow human playmates. Those scratches and bites are very painful and can easily become infected.

Today we will guide you to reduce your cat’s rough play behavior:

1. Find Out the Reason

You should know how to pet your kitten first, try to know the reason for your cat’s aggressive behavior to address your cat’s biting. There could be millions of possibilities that she gets overzealous during play, maybe bored or frustrated, or she is asking you to stop doing something but you haven’t heard her. If you clear this first step then you can possibly stop your cats biting and scratchings.

2. With Proper Handling

Look for clear signs when your cat seeks your attention, don’t force her to stay near you. If you still wish to pet your kitty then, approach the side of your cat’s face with the back of your hand to pet, rather than going to the top of her head or his body as a safety measure.

3. Try Building her Trust

For a beautiful start look for a whipping tail, you must understand the kind of mindset your cat is in. Never force your cat to do something. They take time to settle down with you and let them do whatever they are doing. They try to analyze the environment they are in and check the place where they can adjust.

There are some signs that show the behavior of your cat and you can make contact with them. Like, after eating its food it comes to you and sits beside you. If the cat trusts you then she will less likely to bite you.

4. Don’t always Play with your Hand

If you always play with your cat with your hand, she might think it as a toy; instead, use a toy that keeps your hands at a safe distance from her mouth. Cats are like humans, they need to be active otherwise they will put a lot a weight which is not good for them. Exercise makes them physically and mentally fit.

You will see some changes in your cat and also it relieves their boredom and stress. A String Stick Toy is very simple and effective to start going with your cats.

5. Stop the Play

Abruptly call it a timeout, if you realize your cat goes after you during plays. If your cat bites during such occasions then turn your back immediately. Try not to speak with your kitty for a moment or resume the game, and your cat will realize this as a message after a few cycles of these.

Try not to shout at your cat, this gives a bad message in their mind. You must try to only appreciate them in their good behavior. Don’t go for eye contact, this is a way of challenging your cat in their language.

6. Drain her Energy

This is another way of getting your kitty back in a soft play. Try spending more time with her until you can see her tired. Go for a playtime session every day which will drain their energy and they will stop biting and scratching. They generally have a lot of energy and less work to drain it.

If your cat stops responding to you then you can bring your laser pointer and a fish or feather toy tied with the wand. These games will always keep her working even if she is tired.

7. Try Relieving her Anxiety

Your cat may transfer her anger and aggression to you even if they feel it towards something else, and these results in vicious and unprovoked attacks.

You can always use any calming products available in the market to make them relax from any situation they are having, but knowing the main cause and sorting this out can be a permanent solution.

8. Better Solution is Speaking to your Vet

Try taking our consultation, and our veterinarians are able to prescribe different food and medication to help calm your cat’s nerves after a proper examination and finding out the real cause for it.

Some brands with different foods have tryptophan which helps relax your cat. Somebody problems and diseases make cats grumpy and aggressive and during that no matter what you do, your cat will ever like you.

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