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A Detailed Insight Into Your Kitty’s Sweet & Unignorable Cuddles & Snuggles

Our cattos undoubtedly make us experience the most beautiful and unconditional sacrosanct love that simply can’t be put into words. They are always by our side through thick and thin, irrespective of our circumstances.

Also these feline babies love to cuddle and snuggle, butting their head all over our body and face, and that’s how they make their forever space in our hearts, with their cute antics and supremely charming grace.

But haven’t you ever pondered what actually makes your feline munchkin snuggle all day round? We are sure this must have made you scratch your head, and voila! Look you have finally landed yourself at the right page because here we’ll help you understand and interpret all those warm and affectionate snuggles and cutesy cat cuddles. So grab your cuppa coffee, and make sure to read this blog till the very end for achieving a crystal clear insight regarding your sweet catto and her all the more sweet cuddles.

Primarily let’s try to understand why do cats snuggle?

Snuggling and cuddling are indeed quite relaxing, warm and healthy, not only for us humans, but also for our beloved four legged babies. Mentioned below are three major reasons why snuggling and cuddling is a major liking, albeit also a weakness for all of our sweet little kitties.

1. Our Kitties Snuggle and Cuddle for Warmth –

You must have noticed your beloved feline fur ball scouting for warm places to cosily nap at, and this is essentially because your catto needs to maintain a warm body temperature. She prefers staying cosy and comfy, especially whilst asleep. And while a kitty perch near the window pane or a cat bed would ideally be great for your kitty, but however your darling baby would any day prefer purring her nap hours away on your lap or by cuddling and snuggling another furry friend.

2. Our Cattos Snuggle and Cuddle for Safety and Protection –

Yes you read that right. Our supremely adorable kitties snuggle and cuddle as they seek warmth, safety and protection from their hooman. This is a feline behavioural trait that cats naturally inherit during their tender kittenhood days. Snuggling with her mama cat is something that provides great satisfaction with a lot of warmth and security to a little baby kitten for sale.

Furthermore all the teeny-tiny young and innocent kittens even make sure to sleep together in a tight bundle in order to keep themselves warm, and this also instils in them a feeling of being safe and protected. However cattos retain their early childhood memories, and they ergo continue to crave for such loving, affectionate snuggles and cuddles later on in life too.

Your cute as a button fur ball hence scouts for protection and security, that she finds when she approaches you for a comforting nap in your lap. It is also interesting to note that it’s not only snuggling and cuddling, but several other eclectic cat behavioural traits such as purring, kneading, rubbing and butting her head against your face and body, or even sleeping around your neck that cats actually tend to possess during their mellow days of infancy, and adult cattos eventually carry these kitten like behavioural traits throughout their lives.

3. Our Cattos Snuggle and Cuddle in order to Form a Stronger Bond –

Cats equate snuggling and cuddling with bonding. Our kitties look upto us for food, protection and a shelter, but unlike the most misconstrued notion of a cat being self-centred, a kitty rather makes sure to reciprocate her love, and she does so by snuggling and cuddling with her hooman parent, albeit the head butts and the constant purring, licking etc. are also few other sweet tokens of our fur ball’s thick love and affection.

Cats therefore simply snuggle against their hooman solely for the purpose of bonding, and as a loving pet parent, you must spend lots of time cuddling your cute as a button catto in case you wish to strengthen your bond with your fur baby.

Furthermore herein it is also important to mention that cuddling is not only enjoyable, but it also helps keep your kitty healthy as her contentment level shoots up while being cuddled, and this therefore results in production of antibodies that keeps your cat healthy. However not all cats enjoy being

cuddled, and hence mentioned below is a detailed understanding of different cat breeds and how does your cattos breed impact her snuggling and cuddling habits.

  • There are a some specific cat breeds who thoroughly enjoy cuddling and snuggling as compared to the other cats. Persians, Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Scottish Fold are few such highly sociable breeds who would purposely curl in your lap, and that indeed would be their most comfy spot for a quick
  • The more active breeds such as the Bengal, Bombay, Abyssinian, and the Siamese cat might be a little less affectionate, albeit exceptions are always there.

And while a cat’s breed can only render a bleak insight into the temperament of a kitty, the reality might actually be extremely different as a cat’s demeanour is a combination of various factors. Also there are quite a lot of cats who are rather cold and stand-offish in their conduct. Those cats appear to be somewhat timid and wild, but haven’t you ever thought why those felines actually behave like that?

Well the two major key factors that make our beloved munchkins more or less snuggly and loving as compared to the other cattos are genetics and early socialization, which are explained below.

1. Genetics –

While it remains largely obscure if genetics can actually alter the personality of a cat, but however breeding does demonstrate that genetics plays a pivotal role in shaping up the cat’s temperament, at least to a certain extent.

Ailurophiles and the cat fanciers have been primarily breeding cats solely for their physical appearances, but herein it is pertinent to note that some cat breeds seem to be distinctly friendlier and much more affectionate than the other cats. However that being said, breed per se is not the stand-alone parameter that could necessarily guarantee the exact personality profile and behavioural traits of a cat.

2. Early Socialization –

Kittens primarily learn to snuggle and cuddle with their mother and litter mates. The initial months of infancy are hence quite important as that is when the social skills of a kitten are actually developed. Each experience that a kitten encounters during his first few months would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on his naive mind, and that would thereby play a cardinal role in the overall formation of a kitten’s personality.

It is interesting to note that kittens who are positively stimulated and socialized early on in life tend to be much more gregarious, friendly and affable as they grow up. These kittens are usually not timid, and they completely love those snuggles and cuddles. Also they would constantly shower you with those sweet head butts and soft kisses.

However on the other side there are also some kittens who are insufficiently exposed to humans, and they have unfortunately witnessed traumatic experiences at an early age. These are typically the feral kittens or the kittens who are forcefully and repeatedly bred, and such kittens would naturally be fearful and unfriendly towards humans. They even turn out to be extremely bellicose, hostile and aggressive as adult cats.

It is therefore important that kittens should not be forcefully bred. They shouldn’t be confined in caged and should ideally remain with their mother until atleast eight to twelve weeks of age. Furthermore kittens must be petted and socialized with humans, especially when they are around three to seven weeks old because this initial experience with humans can greatly mould their personalities and comfort level around their hooman parent with whom they would lovingly cuddle as grown up cats. Early social development and initial human interaction is therefore a major factor, and is much more important than genetics or the cat breed as it would alone help you gauge how loving and cuddly your adult catto would turn out to be because kittens who are regularly petted and handled by humans grow up into sweet chummy cats with a hail- fellow-well-met demeanour.

We would hence like to strongly urge you to not get your sweet little fur baby from some backyard breeder as your kitten would not only have a plethora of undetected health ailments, but would also be extremely timid, fearful and poor-spirited.

We at My Kittens believe in natural breeding, and irrespective of the cat breed, we assiduously make sure that none of our cats are forcefully or repeatedly bred. Also the kittens born are kept in a very congenial and a loving home environment wherein they are not separated from their mother until about eight to twelve weeks of age.

Furthermore we treat our kittens as our babies and we therefore regularly interact and play with all our tiny little kittens. We also ensure that each of our beloved kitten is in the pink of health and our happy kittens are hence the most snuggliest and cuddliest fur babies.

In case you wish to get a sweet fur baby for yourself whom you could endlessly snuggle and cuddle with, or if you have any other catto queries, please feel free to reach us out at Mykitten. Our feline experts would be glad to assist you.

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