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What is MyKitten?

MyKitten aims to promote good cat breeders, educate the public and change the pet system in India.

MyKitten is a non-profitable social business model cattery marketplace that believes to connect responsible good cat breeders with good pet loving families for their kittens. We aim to educate public and help people connect with good responsible breeders online in India.

We at Mykitten understand what time , dedication and energy it takes to raise healthy kittens hence responsible cat breeders deserve much more – that is why we built Mykitten marketplace to promote ethical cat breeders online.

Our platform gives recognition, support and respect the breeders deserve – so that they can give their time and attention to the cat and kittens focus on improving their breeding programs.

MyKitten is the only intermediary online pet platform for breeders in India which is 100% free to use for reputed breeders.

We are always looking for good cat breeders who want to sell variety of breeds like Persian Cats, Himalayan Cats, Siamese Cats, Royal Bengal cats, etc. 

Responsible cat breeders deserve more – that is why we built MyKitten cat marketplace.

Why To Join MyKitten Cat Marketplace

  • Secure payments.
  • Highest selling market price.
  • Verified and trusted kitten buyers.
  • Transparency between breeders and online pet platform.
  • Easy pet management online records.

We promote good cat breeders in light of the fact that our central goal is to give our kittens a superior world, and responsible breeders are the basic requirement for the pet cat industry.

Mykitten platform serves as an online intermediary between responsible cat breeders and good loving cat buyers. We aim the educate the public and supporting good cat breeders to eradicate disreputable sources out of the pet market.

Difficulties Cat Breeders Face In India..

  • No exclusive trusted online pet platform in India.
  • No verified buyers.
  • Good cat breeders don’t earn more money as compared to the market price.
  • Good cat breeders with good quality kittens don’t get priority sale.
  • Selling price increased which will increase pet market economy in India.
  • No transparency between breeders , online platform like OLX and pet buyers.

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How is MyKitten superior to a site or Facebook page?

Our safe stage was constructed explicitly to help and enable trustworthy raisers. You never need to stress over losing your photos or your site information – we secure every one of our reproducers’ data and furthermore offer all day, every day support from our Vet specialists.

Every Good Breeder additionally gets a customized Good Breeder Badge to show on their site and internet based life pages – immediately isolating your reproducing program from the rest.

We likewise give efficient devices to assist you with dealing with your rearing system, intended to give you a chance to concentrate on finding always homes for your kittens. Convey effectively and proficiently with purchasers utilizing MyKitten’s adaptable application. Remain composed in a hurry with our litter and shortlist the executives devices that naturally record purchaser information, inclinations, installment statuses, and notes.

Every single Good Breeder have a free profile our site that they can customize and share. The profile features their rearing practices, process and up and coming litters, which makes it simple to convey the key subtleties without crafted by setting up or keeping up a site.

We additionally give accommodating on the web raiser devices that let you center around finding always homes for your doggies. Great Dog’s adaptable client applications let you reliably gather the data that issues most to you from well-educated purchasers and our shortlist highlight makes it simple to monitor inclinations, installment statuses, and notes.

How would you instruct purchasers?

Instruction is fundamental to our central goal. We give a brief information on phone so that they will get a good knowledge of how this will proceed and 1 year Vet on call support. Are You Ready for the Commitment of a Cat? Why Working With a Responsible Breeder is so Critical, and What Actually Goes Into the Cost of a Kitten from a Reputable Breeder.

What are your benchmarks?

On MyKitten, we have reproducers who go well beyond with each part of their rearing system (and we are as of now chipping away at adding extra levels and badging to help further recognize these raisers).

We additionally perceive reproducers who fulfill the guidelines that we have set for their breed however may perform less wellbeing tests than different raisers. By giving training and straightforwardness into reproducers’ various practices, we would like to help prepare individuals to have the option to settle on an educated decision dependent on their inclinations and needs.

For what reason should capable raisers join the Scheme?

Albeit numerous dependable feline reproducers satisfy the Scheme’s prerequisites. Reproducers and the MyKitten can cooperate to compel flighty raisers, or cat ranchers, bankrupt as they will never again be capable exchange on individuals’ numbness.

There are different awards inside the Scheme, to remunerate those progressively experienced reproducers, who set commendable gauges which others can yearn for. MyKitten as of now has some prominent raisers in the plan, who are driving the way.

Does MyKitten Club benefit from the Scheme?

The MyKitten Breeder Scheme exists to improve the wellbeing and welfare of felines; it is unquestionably not a route for profiting. The cash that the MyKitten gets returns into the print, advertising and organization expenses of running the Scheme.

Further improvements, for example, the execution of a system of Regional Breeder Assessors and our call to make the models of the Scheme compulsory for all raisers by law, implies that the MyKitten is constantly putting resources into building up the plan further.

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Our Mission is to

Advance Good Breeders.

Instruct general society.

Change the framework.

We need to change the system. Individuals are constantly deceived by offensive sources that are dwarfing persevering raisers with tricky online retail facades, which is the reason it’s so basic for individuals to have the option to discover Good Breeders.

We get that albeit dependable raisers may not generally require help discovering clients, they do merit support, acknowledgment, network, and security. We are here to instruct the general population about capable canine possession and fill in as backers for Good Breeders.

Our main goal is to associate great with great so as to remove the awful. We accept that straightforwardness and responsibility can enable individuals to have any kind of effect. By instructing purchasers and interfacing them solely with dependable reproducers, we can make a network that supports and rewards the great and pushes out the terrible — putting a conclusion to unscrupulous and beguiling practices.

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