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Searching for a companion that caress you after a long, tiring day at work? Then look no further, because when you avail one from Persian cat for sale online in Pune Nashik. Persians are a great pet that with least maintenance, offer ample love and care. Persian cats are loved for their calm personality and cute face. Their irresistibly soft coat and stout built make them the most demanded lap cats.

Brought to Italy from Iran, this breed of cat is crafted by breeders and have their stout faces turned into the doll shaped one and their ears into the small shapes. Belonging to the Persian Empire, these cats are the result of cross breed among European Wild Cat and the Steppe Cat (Pallas’s Cat).

Besides their calm and gentle personality, these quiet creatures may seem boring at times. The fact that they are easy going and do not have high demands makes them a lovable pet among cat owners. They can be kept happy and content with soft strokes in their coat and gentle belly rubs. The Persian kittens are children lover and can prove to be a great companion for your little ones.

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These fluff balls love staying indoors and dislike interactions with other felines or dogs. These calm and composed animals can spend lives laying in their owners’ laps on a rocking chair or near the fireplace. They feel safe on the ground than the heights. They are not climbers and stay busy playing with their toys.

Persians are keen observers and may follow you while you carry out daily tasks. These doll faced and long haired creatures come with a brief set of care tips. While searching for Persian kitten for sale in Pune, you need to take care about the grooming, maintenance, health and vaccine and plan them accordingly.

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Now taking a look at their physical appearance, Persian cats are blessed the softest coat. As soon as you avail one while searching for Persian kitten for sale in Pune, you should think about making a budget of your expenses as they stay healthy while being on a diet. From scheduled bathing routines and grooming sessions, these glamorous cats tend to get dirt and catch dust particles in their coats. Also, these kittens need a regular ear cleaning routine.

When the health is concerned, Persians may get affected by a row of diseases such as polycystic kidney disease (PKD), bladder stones, cystitis (bladder infections), and liver shunts. brings you a myriad of information that you need to know before buying a persian cat for sale in Pune Nashik.

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At MyKitten, we bring you the Persian kitten for sale in Pune Nashik in a range of coats and eye colors. These pets love to lay indoors, scratch poles, and offer a huge amount of love and affection in return.

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These loving cats require special care and attention from their owners as they are social beings. With a low temperament, these cats are famous among those who are searching for indoor cats. Also, these cats are cleanliness lovers and may clean their furs on their own.

These quiet pets share endless love and affection with you ad may get angry as you carry some else feline’s scent, comb them, pamper them, and they are happy with you. Your guests may become their favorite play partners. You may also witness your kitty relaxing in the guests’ laps. Checkout our kittens for sale in Pune Nashik near you.

They may rush to the doors to greet the visitors. Considered the talkative one, Persians can meow for ours and communicate with the owner. But if you think Persians are an active breed then you should get your facts right. They can sleep for 20 hours straight and may not play with you the entire day. Known as the laziest breed, the Persian cats are laid-back and love to cuddle with you. Do not expect these cats to hop on to the counters and table tops or damage an antique piece. Such mischief does not excite them.

Persian cats have been recognized for their flat face, pronounced muzzle and stout built. For digging deeper into the cat’s traits, likes, dislikes and personality, give a visit to before you buy a persian kitten for sale in pune nashik where they have a large collection of rarely known facts about all breeds of cats. Go through the site and explore the ways you can be a proud cat owner. All that these friendly cats need is a balance of love and care. Be it brushing, combing or getting them injected, cats need attention just like babies.