Breed: Exotic Shorthair

The exotic shorthair cat is a Persian feline with a different coat. This breed is born by crossing Persians with American Shorthairs.


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The white Persian cat is generally known as Blue Eyes Cats because of their expressive blue eyes feature. With the white shiny coat and attractive blue eyes, they look like an ornament in your house. These cats are sweet but quiet. Loud environments are strictly “NO” for white Persian blue eyes cats.

Like a Persian feline family, these cats are affectionate but discriminating as they shower their attention for family members and those few guests whom they feel they can trust only.

The blue eyed Persian cat breed is a glamorous type among its family. The fluffy, long coat and a cute face combine together to make it a popular breed. The cat requires high maintenance and may have some health-related issues, but its charming personality and attractive looks overcome these drawbacks. Click on the contact button to get information on blue eyes kitten for sale.

The blue eyed Persian is sweet and gazes at its favorite people. The cat speaks with its eyes and melodious voice. The kitty loves laying in the lap and relaxing with its owner. The doll face cat likes to cuddle but stays quite playful and curiously most of the time. The blue eye kitties prefer a serene environment and quickly adapt to a loud family.

With a doll-face, blue eyes and sugary looks; these cats look like a perfect bundle of beauty in such a small package. If you love hypnotising blue eyes and want this feature in your feline buddy, then you should buy Blue Eyes Cat for sale online from MyKitten.

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ColorThe blue eyes cat breed is found in a pure white, snowy shade that makes them one of the most demanded breeds. They are basically Persian white cats with blue eyes.
CoatThe beautiful textures and patterns of their long, thick coat reach down from the muscular body to the feet. The coat is so thick that it requires grooming almost every other day.
Body TypeThese cats have a stout and muscular body. The full body has soft frills and furs between the legs on the front, near the ears, and fluffy tails.
HeightBeing stout and lightweight, the female blue eye cats grow from 10 to 14 inches, whereas males grow from 11 to 15 inches on an average.
WeightOn average, the blue eyed cat breed weighs 3 to 4 kilograms. The cats are not very heavy and thus can be carried in the lap like a baby.
Distinct FeatureThe blue eyes cats have big and round heads, small noses, tiny ears with fluffy tips & attractive blue eyes. The combination of delicate features makes them the most demanded breed.
VaccinationsPersian cats like to stay indoors and are frequently affected by disease and bacteria. Some common vaccines are required by these lovely kitties are Rabies, Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Vaccine, CaliciVirus and Panleukopenia and situational flea control is recommended.
TemperamentThe breed does not get aggressive and are very sweet, gentle and friendly. They easily mix up with kids and other pets. They are nice-natured and stay calm usually.
FoodThe blue eyed cats to buy online mainly feed on dry cat food like Purina ONE Hairball Formula, Pro Plan Focus Hairball Management chicken & rice formula and usually prefer wet kitty food such as Pro Plan Focus indoor Salmon & Rice formula.
ActivityThese cats with blue eyes like to stay indoors as they do not trust people easily. They love playing with a scratch pillar. They prefer to sit on a chair and like to laze in your laps.

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These long-haired cats owe their name to the old empire of Persia. Though their exact origin stays unknown, the blue eyed cats are believed to be the genetic mutation of European wild cats and Palla’s cats. They were first seen at London’s Crystal Palace and were presented by breeders. Checkout our cute blue eyes kitten for sale online.
They initially have round faces and stout bodies, which, later on, evolved into flat faces and snub noses. Their noses and chubby cheeks have been exaggerated by the breeders over the years as the demand for their doll face grew.

These cats love to relax inside the home and do not hang out much. Although they are friendly, they do not easily prefer the company of different cat breeds. Also, they have a long, fur coat that quickly catches dirt, tangles up in leaves and sticks. Buy cute blue eye cat for sale from us.
These pets are known for keeping it warm and cozy all the time. They want you to play with them and spend time relaxing with them on a rocking chair near the glass window.

These placid pets have a very kid-like nature and boast a peaceful personality because of which, they easily blend with the household environment. We deal with best breeder who have the best quality blue eye kitten for sale.
They feel home-like and relaxed inside the house, but when showered with love, they tend to look healthy and happy.
Their melodious and sweet voice makes you want to communicate with them. They have attractive blue eyes and cute purr sounds, inviting you to cuddle with them. Their loving and affectionate nature invites guests to pat them and get their furs rubbed.

These kittens require almost every day of cleaning and grooming. While grooming, take care, you comb their hair thoroughly and adequately. Target the armpits and the area behind the ears.
Take care of cleaning the joints and folds in their thick fur to prevent matting. Use a wide-toothed, metal comb for the cleaning and grooming task. Since the point of attraction in this breed is their fur, you must wash and condition the fur to achieve a soft-looking fluff.

Our pet experts can guide you on how to buy blue eyes kitten and how to rehome them. Now when you are entirely ready to adopt one, you need to keep some points in your mind.
Their watery eyes and delicate fur coat need attention and care. Whereas, it is very important that you show your love to them by stroking their fur and carrying them around in your arms.
You need to take out time from a busy schedule and brush their coat frequently. Also, while petting them, you have to divide your budget for their basic needs and care such as food, maintenance, vaccine, etc. Blue eyes kitten for sale at best price.

These blue eyed Persian cats are friendly but are prone to inherit some disease. This breed tends to get tears in their eyes frequently. It is recommended to clean them off daily with a cloth to prevent the development of stains under the eyes. Also, to maintain the good health of your kitties, it is important that you take care of dental hygiene, which is possible by brushing them weekly.