How to Make Your Cat Happy – 10 Easy Steps

How to Make Your Cat Happy – 10 Easy Steps

How to Make Your Cat Happy – 10 Easy Steps

Let your feline be however she wants to be. To give your kitty the freedom and entertainment is a big gift for any pet. Also, learn to keep your cat happy and healthy in life with these few steps.

1) Show love to your cat, give her the attention she desires from you. Pet her whenever she wishes for, cuddle at least twice day. Try to stroke from head to the tail. A cat only allows you to touch its belly if it trusts you. Never try to touch it otherwise as it can frighten them and may feel threaten by it.

2) Provide the entertainment your cat seeks for. Cat’s are very much independent by nature and will cope well when her fellow humans aren’t around. Make sure that your cat must have enough toys to keep her busy. Read our blog about cat toys which provides guaranteed entertainment for hours.

3) Like all living beings cat’s are need to be well nourished to feel good from inside out. Add a good nutrition to meet the needs of your feline and keep them away from any diseases. There are many studies that a good diet improves the general condition of the cat. If you are planning to choose a commercial diet make sure you check

4) Always groom your cat well, cat loves grooming and this attention towards them will make a great bond between you and your cat from the first day. Visit our online store for high quality grooming products in a very nominal price.

5) Provide your cat with regular Heath checkup’s. With these you will be able to know if they are doing well with their diets and you detect in case of any infection or inflammation in the body. They must be brought to the vet at least thrice a year and they should be neutered to prevent unwanted babies and also to lower the risks of feline HIV.

6) Keep your cat’s area neat and tidy. Cats are very sensitive to smell and require a clean and spotless environment to be happy. Consider cleaning their litter box everyday and wash once a week with odourless detergent.

7) Give your kitty a little freedom as cats need their own space to interact with them and let them do their own things their way. Let the cat have a quiet space in the house where the children and other pets doesn’t disturb her. If you have a garden around the house, consider letting your cat out. Your cat is an animal who can enjoy outside better as sometime the constant indoors stay may result in their depression.

8) To know your cat’s body language is very important. To know what your cat’s wants and how they want it is also very important for their grooming as well as their development. For this you need to spend most of your time to know your cat and her desires.

9) Get another cat or pet as cats love to have company sometimes. In case your cat is alone most of the times, it can be a great idea to get a new company to your first cat.

10) Allow your cat to hunt. They have natural instinct to hunt and prey as this feeling has come from the long family line from tigers and lions. Your cat may either play with them or prey them. Be a part with their happy moments and never stop them to hunt small animals.

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