Pet Services at our cattery

At our cattery you will get various customised Pet Services to pamper your furry friends ! After all they also need grooming sessions once in a while just like us !

Pet services like routine pet grooming package , cage free daily boarding hostel ,spa session , fur shave and bath, nail trimming and ear cleaning , bath and brush are offered. All the pet services are carried out by trained pet lovers who treat each pet as their own. Hygiene in carrying out each pet service is of utmost priority. 

Complete Grooming Package

The package includes a bubble bath and blow dry. If required a haircut is included.Ear cleaning and nail trimming will also be done. The pet will be given treat depending on the liking. In addition to the above we also clear all the knots and matting. The package also includes feet and tail fur trimming with sanitary trim. Finally your pet will be ready waiting with a collar bow for you.

Bath and Brush

First of all this is an ideal package for pets who only require basic pet services like bath and brush grooming session. We recommend this session twice a month for your pet. A bubble bath and blow dry with a 15 min brushing session. This package includes a treat for your pet depending on the pets liking.

Pet Hostel and day boarding Pet Services

We have cage free day boarding and hostel facility for your pets. The hostel is a cage free hostel unless it is required for the safety of your pet from others and vice versa. Your pet is given the food you recommend or you can also get her customized food and medicines. We at ensure clean fresh water bowl for every guest and timely medicines. We provide a welcoming environment for your pets while your're away. 

Flea and tick removal spa

In addition to the basic bath and brush grooming session the pet is treated for any ticks and fleas using a skin applicator. The matting and knots are also removed.

We also provide customised pet services package according to your pets need. Furthermore we provide pick up and drop facility with additional charges applicable.