Things you will need for your furry friend's care 

At our cattery you will get each of the below products along with your new feline.


First of all kitty care is all about loving your kitty and pampering him/her. They are pure bundles of joy who can help you relax and be at peace. Their innocent round eyes can make anybody fall in love with them at once ! We provide the complete care package so that you don't have to worry at all and can easily enjoy your time after most of all your new pet needs you rather than anything else.



We use Beaphar Cat Macadamia shampoo for our adults and Pet Head Fears for Tears for our new born.



 Food best for your pet

Each kitty has a unique personality and a preference for food. We highly recommend mixing up of dry and wet food. 

Travel basket

Your new friend will require a travel basket.The basket should be of adequate size and must be airy.

Pet Towel

A clean pet towel ensures protection against any skin and hair infection. The towel should be high water absorbing. We use soft high water absorbing towels.

Metal comb and brush for grooming

Your furry kitty requires daily/weekly grooming. The combs used must be metal brushes or have metal teeth.

Neck name tag

One can opt for adorable neck bands. Kitties look super cute wearing one !




A comfortable and cozy bed is a favorite sleeping spot for you pet- apart from sharing the bed with you ofcourse !


Laser light toys and Catnip toys can keep your feline busy all day long.

Litter tray

All cats leave our cattery litter trained but can take 3-4 days to adjust to their new homes and litter boxes. We use Odourlock litter sand for our cattery - it really does the work ! 


Scratching post

They have a natural instinct to scratch to clean and sharpen their nails. One must give them a small scratching post or pad.

Buy the above care package from us

We offer all the above recommended in one care package for your new pet furthermore we will customise the package according to your breed. Please contact us for details and price.